New Booklet ‘I’m Tired’


I recently posted something about feeling tired, it’s not easy working in our 60’s and I asked how other members of the group were feeling……..

JC – That. Can’t do it for much longer!! Let alone to 67. I’m 62 now

LD –  My mum had dementia I need my pension to make real family memories just in case I forget them!

DH – I’m 64…worked from 15 brought up six children while still working. sometimes three jobs while I was divorced…still working and helping to care for grandchildren….I’m tired also.

DC – Wanted time with my family…to help. ..before I’m too old and the one needing help x

KW – So tired and sore I want my pension???

AT – Can’t find a job, couldn’t fit one in round my caring responsibilities anyway. How can I abandon those who need me?

JO – I’m 63 worked from 16. brought up 3 children alot of the time alone after divorced. worked 21 years for police and now 7 years as a carer, I work nights atm. lots of other jobs in between to fit around children. I child care for my grandson as well, I am exhausted all week. I had a heart attack last year and worried I might not make retirement.

AT – I’m 64 and still working I’m tired and need what’s owing me “ my pension” please

SD – 64 years old, can’t draw mine until day before 66 th Birthday. Never got a letter telling me of any change , despite living in the same place for almost 40 years. Too busy in the 90s to know what was going on with my pension as I was bringing up 4 chil…See More

JB -I turned 60 last August, I have two young grandchildren, they live quite a long way away from me so I don’t get to spend much time with them. If I have to work till I’m 66 they will be at school and I’ll get even less time with them.

KJP Before the rise in women’s pensions came in I knew a few women a little older than me in good health workers stayed on at work. They had their pensions saved for them ,so picked up a lump sum upon finishing their employment . But without exception not…See More

Ps in retail and expected to work overtime at this time of year ,feel drained ,I never thought it would happen to me ,but I keep nodding off through the evening lol

JC – I’m 62 brought 3 kids up. Work in a physical job. Had enough now but 3.5 years to go. No chance but that’s what they want for us to drop dead before we collect our SRP. So angry. ?

GD – Just 64, 2 more to go. Cared for dad till the end. Now care fir grandson. Living off husbands pension

KHH –  Worked from -16 and now 61 – I now work four days a week , on my feet for 7 hours a day . Look after a son with a serious illness and a mother with dementia. I’m worn out .
I have a new grandson that id love to see more of . We are being robbed of our lives & what we’ve worked for

HB – 59 and 5 months body is breaking down with aches and pains. Underactivec thyroid Should be on the final stretch now how can i keep working till Im 66.

JA – I am 62 with three children, 5 grandchildren and four great grandchildren….I have to work 6 days a week because I am the sole wage earner in my family as my husband has had three heart attacks. I never have any time for myself or for my lovely family and friends.

JL – 61 a support worker nights. I am knackered another 5 years and I will be dead

SA – I am 64 and have been working since I was 15, raised two children whilst doing part time jobs when they were young. Been made redundant 5 times, last time 2 years ago and have been temping ever since because nobody wants to employ a 64 year old. On my own so have to work full time, if I don’t work I have no money coming in. Tired, aching, struggling and fed up, I just want what I paid in for!

LJ – I am nearly 61 retired from nhs small pension now have to work nights to make my money up it should have been my state pension to draw thats how it was planned no warning now i have to work until 66yrs hope the review changes this !

SG – I am 63 next month, started work at 15, took early retirement at 52 to look after my Dad. I did not know til I was 57 that I wouldn’t get my SP til age 63 (a friend told me), I was gutted. 3 years ago my Dad was diagnosed with COPD and I was given Carers Allowance. Although I get works pension, it is not enough for me to live on – I live with my elderly parents – 87 and 91. Moved back home when I left work,

JM – Worked all my life am 65 in January and get my pension in May still working 5 days a week Im so tired and fed up just want to see more of my grand children but have not got the time.

BL – Trained to be a teacher at 34 whilst I was a single mother with 2 children, made redundant at 58 . Schools have no money and older teachers are expensive . I was never informed that pension age had changed , I am a carer and have a chronic illness myself . It is 24 weeks since my 60th birthday , I have had £3600 stolen so far , after I have paid in all my working life !

EB –  I’m 63, retired at 60 after 42 years nursing. Had to retire as developed SVT, then lost a kidney, then developed cataracts …all between age of 50 and 58. Couldn’t cope with 12.5hour rotating shifts! Manage on small pension as couldn’t afford it when kids were young …getting my NI credited by caring for my grandson. Yeah, and I worked before I nursed too!

KH –  I’m 60 and 5 months
Had 6 kids always worked full and part time – don’t think I’ll make 66 tbh
Live on my own salary trying to support my family – the stress is battering me everyday … ?

AT – I am nearly 64. brought up 4 children on my own as have been divorced 33 years and still on my own so have sole responsibility for mortgage, bills etc! intended to keep working after 60, which was when i expected to retire, to pay off the mortgage but now riddled with arthritis doubt if i will be able to work til i’m 66!

RM – Stopped at 60 but no pension but mum needed some help so live off husband . No intentions of putting any more money in the pot because it’s become theirs not ours

BD I’ve worked since I was 15 . Not fit to work now…but this government is making be work….paid all my dues…want and need my pension NOW.
lost two of my good friends at 58…they worked all their days too…where has all this money went!!!!

LRI had 3 major operations last year, still recovering, allways worked, quite independent, but now I no longer work, supported by my husband. Robed of my pension and continued independence at the age of 64. Shocking.

GMI’m 59 and 9 months working part time minimum wage in busy office. Very tired, have had glaucoma since I was 42 but rheumatoid arthritis in hands, sclerosis, diabetic type 2, under active thyroid all diagnosed in last month! A non physical job is just as hard and tiring as a physical one. I want to be the Grandma mine was to me, that’s why I paid full stamp. Will I reach 66!.?

Gf I’m 64, have worked since 15. Just a few years off to care for my two boys. Lost my first husband aged 53. Am remarried and working part time in a very physical, heavy job but there are few jobs around here now for some one of my age. Tired and fed up!

EB –  I see very similar tales, just different circumstances, we all seem to have a decline in health and are suffering excessively because we were born in the wrong decade!

SMW Worked since I was 15 worked around children. Paid full stamp never set a foot wrong, worked full time for 45 years till made redundant at 61, couldn’t find work till 64 now cleaning at a social club only a few hours a day but it knocks me out everyday ache all over also have COPD. Can’t remember the last time I actually felt normal constantly tired.

GE –  I did everything right,planned retirement,pensions etc and without warning they pulled the rug from under. me – Ruined everything -.Had to go back to work and Im so tired.Its not THE PLAN.

AC  I looked after my mum from being 11 and looked after younger brother. Worked all my life from being a child body now broken also my spirit

PB  Although i have my pension now, sept 53, I was made redundant at 60. I knew I would find it hard to get another job in my field and because of ill health, cancer plus other ailments, I had to wait for 4 yrs 3months before spa, I was unable to work, so tired and realising my retirement will not be the happy time I expected

JG  I’m going on 61, i have worked all my working until I came ill and disabled I want dignity in my old age,and not having to go through work capabily interviews and face injust treatment by this government. I earned my pension. as all ladies here have.

AW Me too 12 hour shifts I’m knackered just need to put my feet up for a change I’ve done enough worked and paid in howay worked since I was 15 years old I paid in u pay out I deserve my pension

JCW  61 in March next year, paid in for 40 plus years, no kids so not even a break for that and just a year out travelling. Just want to have my money to enjoy life now without worrying as struggling to find work. Get small work pension but still have a mortgage to pay off. It’s tough. No major ailments but body is creaking & wanting to rest. Everything crossed for a result, stay strong ladies ??

GC  Just 60 i had worked hard all my life shops and shoe shop manageress then caring into my later years ,sadly i got poorly and had to give up work the last years i won’t get mine till i am 66 I had a few years away bringing up my son also i was military …See More

DS – I’m still working at 64 another 2 years before I receive my pension… I work and my home is part of my job.

EG  Nearly 62. I’ve worked all my life from 15. Only break from work was when my sons were very young. Even then worked part-time. I now work full time in a very difficult stressful job which I would love to leave but I’m too afraid of not being able to find another job or have enough money to live on. Dreading the thought of another 4 years of this.

JFC  63 fed up, insulted, p****d off, degraded, demoralised and damn angry!!!

RJ  I have lupus and fibromyalgia. I am my 91 year old mothers carer and my 68 year old poorly husbands carer. I struggle into w ork daily feeling absolutely rubbish and resent every day I have to go to work. I’m juggling all the balls and failing when I should be able to do the caring in plenty of time. I should not be rushing from pillar to post doing everything. What has been done to us women is absolutely criminal.

MW  I started work when I was 15. Thankfully I still have my health. I should have been retiring in the near future. I’m not looking forward to all the extra years of having to work just to make ends meet. I also have some gaps to try and make up due to th…See More

SC  I have worked since age 16 – firstly as a typist at the BBC {!} than I took a degree in dance teaching and ran my own dance school for 30 years. My school was community based, inclusive, inexpensive and, although fun, I taught to a high standard and …See More

LM I’m 62, ex nurse of 35 years, still working part time, look after 1 grandchild every week. Got severe osteoarthritis, heart probs, bowel probs and auto immune issues on top. I’m knackered and need to rest.

HB Worked as a sewing machinist and managed to pay in forty years of no contributions .while bringing up three children on my own .also cared for my elderly parents and greived for my two brothers who passed away before pension age …..I want my pension payments now ..I earned them …Should say ni payments ..also looked after grandchildren …

KP I am 63 worked in care for most of my life I am still doing 12 hour night shifts. My body is screaming in pain by the end of the shift. The first 2 days off I mostly sleep. If I retire at 66 I will have worked 51 years where is the justice when is my time. How can I enjoy my family,my grandchildren. By the time I retire I will be disabled

AO I’m 64 in Feb a full time carer to my brain damaged husband. Worked as a secretary from 15 to 25 and done care work to fit in with children and mother and father as only child
Still got 2 years to go went to dr tonight my hips are worn out my body is full of stress and my shoulders I have capsulitis can I wait 2 more years ????

SH  I will be 65 in February. Still working as not eligible for my SP until July 19. Will have 47 years NI contributions by Then . Won’t be getting the full
Flat Rate. Thrice shafted financially, 1995, 2011 and 2019 onwards. But I will be able to apply for a bus pass. Will be able to use it from July 19 if I have the energy to walk to the bus stop 
? . Feeling disappointed with life at times

AP  Im 63 gone August,still working 13hr shifts with the NHS.Carer for mother,partner has bladder cancer.Dont know how I manage on a daily bases.

MC  I’m 62 next month , have worked since the age of 15and always payed full NI !!!! I have lost two half sisters both died before pension age , I have looked after my mother until she passed away . My son is expecting a baby next year and I will also be helping wth childcare .i have fibromyalgia and struggle with pain working part time . Please give us our pensions .

EW  I’m 62 years old. Should have retired at 60. 4 more years to go for me and I’m struggling to continue to work in teaching running around after 4/5 year’s not a job for an OAP! My health is ok but my body is worn out. I have little energy or …See More

JC I am 62 and I have worked full time since I was 17. In the past 5 years I have had a spinal fusion, a CRT fitted to help my heart and a full knee replacement. I want what I have paid into for all of my working life. My pension is not a benefit … it’s my right to have what I have paid in for now. If MPs get their pension at 60 why can’t I … I am tired and bone weary. Why has this been allowed to happen to us …

CE  I’m 61 & have recently stopped working due to not being able to cope with the physicality of the job. Heard on the news today that more women are in work in 2018 than ever before. Ummmm I wonder why that is?

SC  I heard that too, Cathy, about more women working in 2018. The bulletin I heard mentioned that women are working for more years because of pension age increase. Says it all.

JLM I started work aged 15. Two children. Got myself from nothing to educated to post university level. Worked in universities for a while but they wouldn’t give me proper job on so zero hours and so pension , no sick pay, no holiday pay. I cared for fat…See More

AG  I’m 60 next year, one heart attack down, despite a healthy lifestyle. A second chronic pain condition with dodgy immune system. It’s not that I don’t want to work, I’ve worked full time with no breaks since the age of 18. I would just like to be able to adjust my hours down to 4 days. Financially it’s out of the question and frankly I don’t see me reaching the age of 67.

GD I’m 58 and 10 years ago when I got divorced I was in very bad health. Thinking that I would be retiring at 60 I chose to live off my divorce money instead of using it to buy a 25% ownership home and going on ESA. I will be back in work, I thought, on…See More

GL  I am 61, worked from age of 16, still working full time, heartbroken after losing my wonderful husband 8 years ago, aged just 55, have to get 2 buses to work everyday and 2 buses home again, leave the house at 7.30 am and dont get home till 5.45 pm, Im knackered and feel like I have done my time, but sadly I still have 5 years to work x

TR  61! Worked since 14! Was a single parent to 3 boys! Still single! Thought I would be comfortable at 60 but NO!!! Those murderers have ruined my life!!!

RLW Expected to be able to enjoy my retirement with my older husband, but no all our plans have gone awry as I will not get my pension for another 6 years, when maybe too old to enjoy it together

PK – Still working full time at age 63, body aches, been working since age 15 and robbed of my well earned retirement should be now helping our with grand children to help with their expensive child care costs. Will have 51 years contributions by the time I retire at 66 years.

CC  I’ve worked since 17, as a carer, nursing assistant in NHS. worked full time, for 42 yrs, l paid national insurance, l took early retirement at 59 as l have an NHS pension, which l just manage on. I’m 62 now another few years before l get my state pension, roll onxxxx

SS  Still having to work full time at 63, help out with grandchildren, body hurts, have paid in since 16, have earned my retirement, but a 6 year hike to my retirement, where is the equality in that, I have experienced no equality all my life! So am so downhearted and depressed about this extra 6 years!

ET Even though i now have my pension it the impact of the 4.11year wait for my birth date has caused huge hardship. No savings left no insurances no quality of life no comfort and no hope of gaining back that precious time

JB I feel abused by the goverment once again.

KG  Working from 14 now 62. Lost the love of my life 5 years ago. Cared for him after his stroke then lung fibrosis. My Father -86 has stage 4 lung cancer. Mother 84 deteriorating before my eyes. Still working but ill. No money. Home for sale but market is quiet. What’s the point to this please? Fighting hard to get MacMillan help but GP rubbish. Everything is a battle.

SG I’m still working at 64 have paid in since 15 I’m knackered well and truly with ill health long list then to top it all I fell in the dark 7 o’clock in the morning going to work and have broken my shoulder have had to go to occupational health to go th…See More

MC I’m 60, wheelchair bound and in constant pain. Yet keep getting emails re apprenticeship. Nothing in my whole body feels like a school leaver.

JT Im 64 I had to find another job this year ,my health isnt great ,cant afford to go on the sick ,been working from the age of 15 was told 8_9yrs ago I had paid in enough to retire didn’t happen have to wait another 12 months for pension im so tired dont know if I will last another year but I have too x

AP I’m 64 and can retire next September. I feel worked to the bone over the last five years. Always looked forward to retiring at 60 and spending time with grandchildren. At the weekend I feel too tired to be with them

ML  Working from 15 now 64 and two years to go ,on my feet all day , osteoarthritis in my knees and hand , ? getting harder and wonder if I can do next 2 years , up at 5.30 3 days a week and home at 6 in the evening , no joke

JM – Let down BADLY ?

Anon – I’m 61 took my work pensions at 60 so could work part time so they have taken a huge chunk from me for taking early I’ve have artificial bone in my spine to make stable which has left me with problems with legs feet but have to say far better than I was I’m sat here physically emotionally tired ready to go to work I could cry

KH – Aww I feel the same my lovely – big hug ?

JN – I know there are lots like us worked since 15 which I always say has kept the wolf from the door and I’m happy I like all the rest of us have had the work ethic installed in us I’m praying we get justice as I work in the public sector and the amount of money which is handed over is unbelievable yet we have paid in and are undeserving


SD I’ll be 65 in a few days time…but I’m still working…I’m tired, weary, angry and still fighting this injustice. 3.8 million of us, we have to make a difference. Not shutting up and not going away!

JG Just applying for 2 different jobs as i am struggling with my care job .i am 60 6 years to go shameful x

KAEH I’ve done my time,paid my dues, suffered discrimination for being female. All I want now is to offer support for my daughter providing childcare so she can work. Instead we are having to share a house and live off charity and food banks

ML – 47 years and 3 still to go! Where’s the justice?

GS Wishing my life away ?

LS  All very well telling us “we’re living longer” but who’s got the gift of foresight?

BW im 59 work full time nights, arthritis in both hands, knees and ankles still got a mortgage to pay. husband is 64 self employed and only works one day a week, 2 sons still at home one with chronic back pain so cant work. really don’t know were its going to end

PR 64 next year, 2 years to go.
Working 24/7 live in carer. Glad of my time off to sleep and rest. Love, love my job. My choice to retire at 60 taken away with no notice and lost app £48k. I’ve never wished my life away but roll on 2021 !

AHJust because ‘we are living longer’, doesn’t mean we can work longer. They want to try and tell employers that; employers who would rather have younger people working there who are going to roll in on a monday with a hangover, call in sick every month with a period pain and then leave after a year to have a baby!

LG I am nearly 65, worked ALL my life since leaving school. Made redundant at 62. Aching with a broken vertebrae and arthritic hips. Do not get a penny in benefits just have to live off my poor husband who is 67 and still working! So I have now lost my independence and the husband is robbed of his retirement too!

MB  62 in spring work full time never see grandchildren as no time elderly mother to keep an eye on and her brother parkinsons and bowel cancer I am knackered got fybromyagia, arthritis, and bad gut (can’t remember name of the problem) worked from 15 two children brought up on my own after divorce which I got nothing paid full stamp from day one.. Is it work till I drop dead

DS – Am in care manual jobs wear out the body quicker.

BW  The Government has got us all wishing our lives away 61 next month then 5 yrs to go ?

JB I’m 61 worked from 15 worked even with 2 children I was diagnosed with lupus strogrens 2 years ago had major surgery this year when it was discovered through test for my auto immune conditions j had stage 2 breast cancer I can’t work but just want my p…See More

CM 62 in June,started work at 15 and never stopped even with children ,can always do hairdresser always paid my National insurance and still am,care for my 95 year old mother,and a few other very odd job s to make ends meet don’t calm benefits even though…See More

SL – Worked all my life, brought up 3 children, looked after parents and now grandchildren. Age 64, had cancer and intensive treatment, volunteer in my community, done my best for the world and been shafted by my own government……..

SR Brought up two children alone when ex-husband walked out when they were 1 and 3 and paid £100 per month maintenance which soon stopped. Worked as a tutor, translator and freelance abstractor for a publisher in 20 languages, paying self-employed stamp, …See More

EM I was the same a Carer for 27 years had to leave through ill health riddled with arthritis due to the work doctor said nurses and Carer s come into see him with same problems. Xx

BJ – Took early retirement at 58 due to health problems. Expected my pension at 60 and made my financial plans accordingly. Will be 65 in January but still won’t be able to claim my pension. Savings are almost gone and if my husband dies I am right up shirt creek. Living abroad means I can’t claim any benefits from either country

CH Slaved in a factory age 15. Had two children, worked part time when they went to school. Back to full time when they were old enough, had my daughter, working , and looking after aging parents. Looked after all my 5 grandsons in school holidays, was l…See More

RF  64 this month. Worked full time all my life until I got breast cancer and to many other conditions to mention. Was really looking forward to getting my pension at 60 only to get the carpet pulled from under me, like all you other ladies. I feel robbed.…See More

HJ  Worked from 16. Tired and Pensionless.

PY breaking my heart not to be able to spend enough time with my grandchild. i live at a distance, but would travel more often and stay for longer in order to look after her for nothing so her parents could work – if i just had my pension! this is one reason why women need pensions at 60!

KB  I would have loved to retire at 60,My hubby retired this year and i have 4 more years,We made plane,s to do things together before were to old to do them,But no chance now,My hubby will be nearly 70 before i get chance to spend time with him,Just hope …See More

BT  Born 1955. Worked all my life since I was 16, widowed at 56, made redundant at 60, have been a nurse for 25 years. My only break from full time work was to have my two children in the 1980’s. Feel fortunate that I still have my health and a good family…See More

SS – Had to start a New job at 63 looking after husband son and granddaughter. Body is constantly aching and I fall asleep all evening ready to go to bed when I can’t sleep. Got dogs because I thought I was retiring now have to walk them in the dark at 7 to get granddaughter to school then on to work!!!

SH -60 in January. Started work at 16 had 3 children and worked nights stacking shelves, because child care was too expensive. Retrained at 42 and have always worked. When we started work we were told we had to pay NI from our lousy wages so we could ret…See More

MT Worked since 16, lone parent due to abusive relationship, paid my dues and that of my daughter supporting her through university. Have never claimed a penny of this or any other government. They tell you to plan for retirement which I did – 60 was my retirement age but the thieves have put another 6 years on my working life – do I believe I’ll get the pension I’ve paid for at 66 well I’m not holding my breath ?

SM – Still working at 64 and a half, one parent , paid my dues and that of my daughter supporting her through university. Have always worked and done as we were asked. They tell you to plan for retirement which I did – 60 was my retirement age. I am exhausted.

JB 59 have worked non stop full time ( no children) for 42 years contributing all the time. Driving over 6 hours every week day as a sales representative. Very tired and very stressed recently lost my mum and suffering depression ?

AS 64 been off work 10 weeks with a broken ankle got osteoathritis in hands still working struggling and i’m diabetic which makes me very tired, working for 49 years , no notice, no pension , no respect.

BJ  64 years old struggling to work with the pain from having fybro myalgia my last 5 yrs have been robbed from me I was desperate to retire but still can’t and we have all been robbed of the most precious time that we will never get back x

LW – since I was 15. Been a single parent with no maintenance or help with child care. Looked after parents and Inlaws before they died. I have arthritis in my knees and had a knee replacement. Struggling with a bad shoulder and suffering hearin…See More

IM Same story started work at 16. My husband and I divorced 1991worked part time no company pension they only employed part timers. List my job 1997.fiund a full time job 1999 cleared my debt that had accrued still not enough to pay into pension company w…See More

HH At 64 … another 17 months til getting the pension I was promised by the Government I’d get at 60. Worked until my late 50s giving up my job to care for 3 elderly relatives in Hertfordshire, SWales and Scotland. Now give 5 days a fortnight to care for…See More

MA  Worked from 15 tired of this government’s bull as when we grew up life was so tough , nowadays they are fortunate to have all the opportunities to study & make a great life for themselves

MD Still working as a volunteer at BHF, as no-one wants to employ me at 63, with still about 2 & a half yrs to go until my pension, I am fed up with the government treating something that is a right(Due to us earning our pension by working all our lives ) they have treated it as a privilege which they can take off of us, I am sick to death of their BS…..

JCG  Worked for most of my life from the age of 16. I’m 64 now. Two changes to my state pension age meant an unexpected addition of 6 years to my retirement age. This means I’ve continued in the challenging role in children’s social services I’ve been doin…See More

KW – 63. 3 hard years down, 3 more to go. Robbed of being able to call myself – or feel – “Retired” and to celebrate that as a major life stage. Forced to keep working. Robbed of a full State Pension at even age 66. Targeted and unfairly treated by Coalition Government, current Government, and even a 1950s born female Prime Minister.

JB  I’m getting so much worse, today it’s an effort to walk. Tired mentally and physically, when can we all sit and relax. For me it can’t come soon enough !!


SW I’m 62, have chronic back problems which mean I’m in constant pain. Still working. I’m tired. I’m sore. I’m angry that the government thinks I can carry on for another 4 years…and all for the measly pittance of a UK state pension. It’s disgusting.

LP 48 years NI paid,won’t get a full pension as contracted out, 2 more years to go. Widowed now and feel so betrayed by successive governments. Savings will hopefully last but there is my chance of a comfortable retirement. It’s nothing short of theft!

CC It’s daylight robbery, we were robbed, so the fat cats were more comfortable. They don’t know what an honest days work is!!

AW I worked since I was 15 years old I was told to join government pension so I could put my feet up with no worries and look after me me me and my family yes quality time I’m knackered had enough this government has misssold this policy to me I paid in you pay out it’s mine I’ve well and truly earned it

PB  Me too Annie. It’s no fun waiting. Another 2.5 years to wait.

Thank you to all members who have contributed to this booklet from #WePaidInYouPayOut


One thought on “New Booklet ‘I’m Tired’

  1. 59 and 6 months.
    I am rare and still enjoy my job, however it is getting tough. There are aspects of the job that should be allocated to younger stronger persons. What I am saying should be simple even hire movers. This part of the job is so bad that nobody wants to do it even though it is simply 6 days a year.

    I am physically not capable of the labor involved and may have to resign just due to these 6 days a year other wise I could tolarate the next 7 or maybe even 10 years. What a shame that 6 days a year could end me.


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