Herewith said report used by Debbie Abrahams re coroners reports in Westminster Hall

Julia Kelly – November 2014 the 39-year-old took her own life. Last week a coroner found that “upset caused by the potential withdrawal of her benefits had been the trigger for her to end her life”.

Dr Ward told the inquest the Atos decision was an “accelerating factor” in Wood’s decline and eventual death, according to his family. Wood told housing association staff he was very distressed housing benefit had been cut off, and by letters about rising rent arrears and warnings from the electricity company his supply would be cut off. Many letters were unopened, so he was unaware he needed to visit the jobcentre to reapply for support, his sister, Cathie Wood, said. Mark Wood.

The Oxfordshire coroner, Darren Salter, said that although it was impossible to identify the cause of death, it was probably “caused or contributed to by Wood being markedly underweight and malnourished“. He weighed 5st 8lbs (35kg) when he died; his doctor said his body mass index was not compatible with life. He was a “sweet and gentle” person, she said. “He didn’t deserve to die. He wasn’t harming anyone.”

Michael O’Sullivan – “The anxiety and depression were long-term problems,” said Mary Hassell, the north London coroner, in her verdict on the death of Michael O’Sullivan. “But the intense anxiety that triggered his suicide was caused by his recent assessment by the Department for Work and Pensions (benefits agency) as being fit for work, and his view of the likely consequences of that.” Hassell felt so strongly that something had gone badly wrong that she completed a Prevention of Future Deaths report, because she believed there was “a risk that future deaths will occur unless action is taken”.

Coroner says……….. A PROUD but vulnerable pensioner turned himself into a human fireball after a council failed to help him with changes to the benefit system. Innocent Malcolm Burge, 66, found himself more than £800 in debt because of a cut in his housing benefit – which he had not been told about. The council bombarded him with TEN demands for the money but he replied saying he didn’t understand the situation and could not afford to pay the lump sum. “I’m now more stressed, depressed and suicidal than any of my previous letters. I have no savings or assets. “I’m not trying to live. I’m trying to survive.” Mr Burge drove himself to Cheddar Gorge where he took his own life by setting himself alight in his Skoda Octavia.

Michael Rose, coroner for West Somerset, said: “This is the tragic tale of a man who lived all his life in the city of London being caught up in the changes of the government benefit system. “He is a man who clearly needed help but unfortunately Newham Borough Council were unable to give it to him. “There was no deliberate attempts to avoid payment – he was overwhelmed by such a large sum. “In fairness to the council they have admitted that problems were caused as a result of a backlog. “They admit he was confused and his case on the system was closed without a response. They didn’t fully address the needs of Mr Burge and their tone was inappropriate. Mr Rose, sitting at Bridgwater, added: “I will be writing to Newham Borough Council to ask them to establish some kind of system to help vulnerable people, like Malcolm, get in touch. “Unfortunately now some people don’t understand that not everyone has iPads and laptops and that some old people, and other people too, just don’t understand the internet. “They’re very quick to refer people to their website but not everyone can do that.”

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50-year-old, who never married and had few friends, took his own life at his home in Sunderland. An inquest into his death heard Mr Drakard had been diagnosed with epilepsy from the age of six and was receiving Incapacity Benefit. Coroner’s officer Neville Dixon told a hearing in Sunderland: “In the past few months he had been deemed fit to work and his benefits were stopped. He had been in the process of appealing with the Citizens Advice Bureau. He had been feeling very down in recent weeks, due to the stress of losing his benefits.”

Coroner Michael Oakley said the benefits assessment was key to the tragedy. Nick Barker Former sheep farmer, Nick had a brain haemorrhage which left him struggling to walk. The father of two shot himself after the DWP claimed he was fit to work

Tim Salter – Tim, aged 53, was partially sighted & suffered from mental health problems. Tim was found hanged at his home just days before he was due to be evicted over rent arrears. At an inquest, coroner Andrew Haigh concluded: “A major factor in his death was that his state benefits had been greatly reduced leaving him almost destitute and with threatened repossession of his home.”

Coroner Michael Oakley said that Mr Barker’s death had been a deliberate act and that he had killed himself. “The main factor worrying him was that his benefits had been stopped and had he attended the appeal he may have been successful, but it did not get that far,” he said. “It is evident that the matter was concerning him greatly.”

Recording a verdict that Mrs Moon took her own life, Blackpool Coroner Anne Hind said it was such a large dose, there could be no other possibility. She suggested Mrs Moon had perhaps been more worried about her financial situation than she let on. She said: “We can only feel so sad for what must have been going through her mind. “Mr Moon had gone off to work, she was alone and I think things must have just swept over her and suddenly she found her life was intolerable and she did not feel she was able to continue with it.”

Recording a verdict of suicide, coroner Fiona Wilcox described the case as ‘particularly tragic.’ She added: ‘This appears to have been done by a man who was fully compos mentis and was not suffering from a depressive illness. ‘He carried out a considered act in response to his inability to find employment and the fact that his housing benefit was about to be cut and the family would have faced having no-where to live. ‘It does appear to be especially poignant and tragic.’

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This is Stephanie Botrill’s suicide note, she walked out under a train when the bedroom tax kicked in and she could not afford it anymore and the council gave her nowhere smaller to live.


A former nurse killed herself after a controversial test led to a change in her benefits, an inquest has heard.

Jacqueline Harris, aged 53, had her incapacity benefit axed


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