We Can’t All Be Liars….



We are constantly hearing from government that they notified women who would be affected by the new state pension age increase of 5 years from 1995 and further change in 2011.

We have asked the government for proof of how they say they notified us, letters and leaflets has been their reply, yet women are fighting this, they were not notified and here are just a few examples of the testimonies received from our 4000 strong facebook membership.

Women are being treated like liars……

We Can’t All Be Liars…..


April 2018


Government keeps telling us that we were notified in plenty of time to make alternative arrangements, this is simply not true, as the members of #WEPAIDINYOUPAY can testify, the below comments are directly from our facebook group.

LK I’m 62, not once have I ever been informed by any means of communication from DWP or any other department that I will have to work till I’m 66 before I get my pension. No letter, no leaflet, nothing at all except total disregard and disrespect

GAC  no notice, no nothing but a bloody big shock when I heard from a work friend of my husband, gutted and my life ruined

CB I became aware that the SPA age would change at some point in time, but I put it out of

my mind as had other things to deal with and thought naively that we would be personally officially informed in advance which never happened. I honestly would not h…See More

ELD I’m 62 and to this day have never received anything regarding the raise in SP age.

HMDB  double snap!

MK I’m 62 and the fact I’m only acting on this is because I was not informed in any manor about changes. So how many women had their mail stolen one so where’s the proof.
Or had it already been promised to China for their elderly id like to know how much that would cost considering there’s millions of them.
Get real the games over I want what’s mine just like every other British woman. What a joke

BA Is this going to China for real? For arts,culture,film making? Whilst we freeze and starve? If this is not a joke, how many people know this is going on?

CKP I am now 64, I phoned DWP in 2012 /2013 for a pension forecast for when I turned 60 in 2014, they said that as their office was in ” a state of Flux” they were unable to tell give me a forecast, or tell me my SPA, but if I left my details they would get back to me when they knew. That was the first I knew of the changes, no letter, no notice and still waiting for them to “Get back to me”!

V Aug 55 still waiting to be informed by any government department that they broke their word. That I wouldn’t be allowed to retire after working full time since I was 14 years old rather I was being forced to be a slave for a further 6 years even though…See More

CC Your pension won’t be reduced if you don’t work another 6 years as you already have enough contributions. It’s only if you are working that you will continue to pay NI. You will still be entitled to you full pension. Apart from anything reduced if you were contracted out of NI to a works pension.

Val Drea  I’m selling my house at the end of the year so I can fund myself to spa. I’m in too much pain I’ve already been doing this care work for 35 years, before folk were moved by hoists. I was 7 stone wet lifting 20 stone people. Unfortunately m…See Mor

CW Demand Jeremy Corbyn puts pension 60 men and women into 2018 Labour Manifesto, now that he is Labour leader, and pays that money from a hopeful 2nd early general election win. This would put huge pressure on this Tory government.

When the 1995 pension act was being debated, Jeremy Corbyn said in 1993, in parliament, pension 60 men and women and increased state pension money. …See MoreManage

AS I have sent a copy of this to my MP Yvette Cooper asking her if this is going to be in the Labour Parties manifesto

BC Aged 58 requested a forecast for what I believed to be retirement age of 60. Born 1955

BL I will be 60 in June , I only found out via social media ,when I was made redundant at 58 , that I wouldn’t be getting my pension until I was 66 . I have never been officially informed .

 60 in Sept 2019, never informed. I will be submitting my pension request as I should have been able to, and will continue to do so every month thereafter until I get it, I also need an S1 for my healthcare in France, I do not have enough money to pay for the private healthcare over here.

AS I am sending my pension request with a copy of Theresa May’s statement that we only have to wait 18 months, because my 18 months will be up in June ?

FB There are additional issues for women living overseas or in Europe, no S1 for reciprocal healthcare and unable to claim pension credits or take up an apprenticeship, although my local conservative MP Chris Skidmore seems to think I can, by his response…See More

VS No Letters No advertising Did they not wonder why no one was contacting them after ALL those letters were sent WHY has everyone been silent about this theft MP’s Newspapers reporters We want our money now ?

SG Snap

KJF I am 60 and have never been informed, I asked for a forecast last year thinking I had to work until 2020 and found out I had to work until 2023 ( plus a note that this could further change before that date) I am already knackered they are trying to bloody kill us off……

JH Aged 60 , no notification

CE I am 63 and never been informed by DWP. I only found out by word of mouth and then social media. To have to have to continue working until 66 is like slave labour.

MH Age 60 no notification

HB Should have retired and got my pension October 2016, did a pension forecast April 2016, 6 months before, to see what pension I would be getting ? shock!!! NO LETTER ??

LG I wasn’t informed and didn’t earn enough to save extra in another pension pot. I was relying on getting my SP when previously told I’d get it for all those years.

KJP As a Yorkshire lass we say what we mean ,and mean what we say . Not informed till 2012/13 !

AC I didn’t take time to sit down to watch tv or read papers too busy running 2homes while working part time low paid jobs .
This impacted on my health after caring since the age of 11 caring for parent and younger children
I am now unable to do simple things that people take for granted….
See More

RJ The only notification I got was a letter telling me my new retirement age was 66! I was never formally told it had gone to 65. I found that out from friends who are older than me and has suddenly found out they weren’t getting their pension at 60.

Val Drea Wow!! I never even got one of those. I’m still waiting for any government department to write and inform me. But I won’t hold my breath

CG Not informed till October 2012 about working till I’m 66 ,nothing previous to that ,no time to do anything about it x

KG I had no notification – I overheard a conversation and was shocked no effort had been made to tell me. I’m easily found if I need to pay money to the government. So here I am 61, a widow, no pension, failing health, having to work, having to sell my home. It’s scandalous.

AD Not only didn’t I receive notification, the professionals who we would reasonably expect to know the increases didn’t know either.
When taking out a private pension, the adviser had no idea of the increase and gave me a forecast based on retirement at…
See More

EW All I had was a letter to say owed £300 when I rang them they said because I had been divorced they would look it up that was OK not to pay that would be made up never any thing about the pension age being any different

CL Am 63 now an sent for pension forecast when I was 59 shock horror when it said 66 and I went through my divorce 6 yr ago an no mention of increase ?

LM Should have received my SP April 17, found out through a colleague when I was 57. I never had any correspondence regarding the extra years. It’s not us 50’s born ladies who are liars!!!

V Then if the government continue to spout the same rhetoric then we need to get the younger generation involved and say NO PENSION NO CHILDREN. which means no future workers.

PM No written notification until I approached dwp when I was 58..only then because a friend had told me.

SH 64 November 2018. No notification! Rang DWP aged 61 (3 years ago) to find out why I hadn’t received my pension, to be informed SP age went up to age 63 BUT had been moved further to 66. I was gob-smacked. Never told anything. Due to health issues I need what is rightly mine.

JC I’m 62 and if it weren’t for being a carer for my late dad I would not have known . I was given a forecast of my retirement date due to me being credited NI. Now since he died I have been forced to go back to work x

KW Former financial adviser and Chartered Insurer. 30 year career working with senior execs, sales & marketing departments, technical experts in pensions/insurance companies and banks (till pushed out at age 50). Found out age 57 (late 2012 DWP letter re …See More

CW Trudy this lady needs to go on the witness stand..if she were willing of course!!..If Kay didn’t know anything much then I don’t know how the rest of us were supposed to!. Thanks Trudy x

MM Thank you Kay Wright more proof that women were not informed.

BW great idea Trudy Baddams you are truly an inspiration and a great leader to this group. I only found out through facebook that the state pension had been increased, that was last year when i was 58 too late now to do anything about it, I work full t…See More

MB I received a letter in 2011 to inform me that my SPA was going to be 65. Already heard via T.V. that it was going to be 66. Talk about a devastating bombshell!!!!!

MM I rang DWP in April 2012 to ask how much my SP would be. My SP should have been paid Dec 2013. They sent a letter. First page gave details of how much pension I would get, half way down second page it said I would reach SP age at 65 years and 3 months. When I rang to challenge this, I was told about the 1995 and 2011 increases. Don’t think they would have told me if I hadn’t asked.

SW Had no written notification either I’m 64 now

HB I’m 64 in December I had absolutely no notification, only found out when my husband became of Pensionable age last September. OUTRAGEOUS !!

Or me scandalous

BJ I only found out about the change when I asked for a forecast I am in ill like many of us and suffer on a daily basis because of this change

MB I had a letter in February 2012, informing me of my SPA in November 2020 on my 66th Birthday, I should have retired on my 60th Birthday in November 2014. Definitely not enough notice of a 6 year hike. I lost my Husband suddenly at the age of just 59 in…See More

SMS When will T.M listen…..she needs to face us all and tell the truth now. We need an answer are we getting our pension some time soon if not why not x

BK I have received NO NOTIFICATION WHATSOEVER from the DWP, the only time I saw for myself that I would have to be 66, was from the pension forecast that I received from my work, in the October before I was due to retire on my 60th Birthday on the 31s…See More

Ellie Medwin I had no notification.. Until I requested a pension forecast when I was 59 expecting to be eligible at 60. I was told by DWP that I wouldn’t be eligible until my 66th Birthday.. Disgraceful!

TA A friend/ work colleague told me in 2014 that our pension age had been raised by six years. At the time she told me I was going through the, protracted, death of my old Dad and was upset/ all over the place. It wasn’t until 2015, after my Dad had pa…See More

LM On asking for state pension forecast aged 58.


SC was already waiting for pension expected first at 60, then 64, then in 2012 when I was 58 I was informed it had been hiked up another 18 months! Only told this as self employed and requested a forecast.

SB Contacted DWP shortly before 60th birthday to see if I needed to do anything to get my pension. Basically laughed at. I thought she must have it wrong and applied for my forecast to be told I’d have to wait another 6 years. 😦

JT I found out last year when 38 degrees sent me an email asking me to sign the Backto60 petition. Thought I was retiring May 2019 but it’s 2025 now ☹

LJ To add insult to injury I’ve heard recently that there is also a difference of £28 per week between men and women’s pension anyway. ?

DV Ooooh, just wait until the legal people get them.

MB So give it us at 60 in the name of equality then

SM No notifications whatsoever. I worked as a Pensions consultant with Royal London from 1997 to 2004 I was producing pension statements and didn’t know anything about the age hike. I don’t think the women requesting the information did either because they were requesting statements for age 60.

Trudy Baddams Can we use your statement please

SM Trudy Baddams with pleasure a reply…

LO I’m 63 not had any notification of change of pension age been in same house over 20 years!! From starting work at 15 it will be 51 years till my spa!!! Not good at all may not reach pension age.( But this is what the government want) very angry!

BC Been in same house 29 years. Strange how get all post but never received any notification of changes. Wonder why that is. I requested a copy of all correspondence sent to me on file regarding SPA changes but they said they don’t keep them ??? that’s coz you never sent them to me. Exactly 3 years 1 month today left to work ???.

YMT Letter in June 2013, aged 57 and 4 months. Was told that due to 1995 Act spa age would be 65. Next sentence said due to 2011 Act spa would be my 66th birthday. Grrr……………….

BC 2 years after second change. ???.

VK I’m 63 at July and I only found out after asking for a pension forecast , which arrived 6 months AFTER my 60th birthday

LM No notification so far (64 next month).
I found out via my last permanent employer whilst being made redundant at 59! ?

C Dear Trudy Baddams Admin PENSION 60 NOW
Blair, Labour Leader in opposition, just agreed in 1993 with the Tory means-tested Pension Credit, not increasing the state pension money, nor supporting the 300,000 signature petition by men for pension 60. Pen…
See More

JW 1960 never heard a dickie bird, no notifications, no letter, no leaflets, I have no further words to add aside from fuming ! ?

SB Under the old rules, I would have retired at 60 with a full pension (based on 30 years of NI contributions). Under the new rules, not only do I now have to wait until I’m 66, but I also have pay another 5 years of NI contributions if I want a full pens…See More

IC Nothing at all received about 1995 age rise. Letter in 2012 aged 57 to say I’d get my pension on 20.7.2020 at 65yrs 11months. (Born August 1954)

RB When I turned 60 years of age, then I was told when I reach 63 years then told 65 years and 3 months. NO WARNING OF THESE AGE HIKES.

CK I was not officially informed of the 1995 changes, just happened to find out from others. Then outraged to receive notification extending my pension date by 14 months. Grrrrrr. I wrote to my mp immediately who passed my concern to the Department of Work and Pensions. Obviously fobbed off by them!

JF Have lived at the same address for 43-year, can quite categorically say… “I have not received any form of notification whatsoever in relation to My State Pension Age being increased.” To-date, I have over 40-years contributions.


Booklet published April 2018


Trudy Baddams

Thank you to all members for participating.


4 thoughts on “We Can’t All Be Liars….

  1. JM I started a new job when I was 57 years of age and took out a private pension I didn’t know I would not get my pension at sixty I hadn’t been informed . So I took out a small pension so I wouldn’t feel it in my wage at the end of the month as money was tight . Had I been informed I would of taken out a better pension as I would of had too and I’m sure the man that sold me the new pension would of told me if he had known too .


  2. I also never received a letter notifying me of the increase from 63 to 65 although I did get one notifying me of the changes to equalise mens and womens pensions which meant I would now have to work 3 more years ( a rise from 60 to 63 years). I still haven’t been advised of the change from 65 to 66 and only know about this because I checked my pension online on the government gateway account and due to publicity on the news!


  3. born 1956. In 2006 I rang for pension forecast. no mention of retiring at 65, I naturally thought it was 60. The gentleman on the phone was really helpful, but not once mentioned age of retirement. I then received a letter outlining my projections etc, running to about 5 pages…I read it again a few weeks ago, there, deep in a large para of text I found it said “our estimate is that 65 you will get xxx per month. Clearly I had looked at the monetary figures etc but not read this massive background narrative. And there it was, unnoticeable. No other letters.


  4. just to be clear, it didn’t say when your pension starts at 65, it just used it as an example age… (moderator, you are welcome to merge this with previous comment)


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