Asking the group #WePaidInYouPayOut about receiving leaflets

Responses from the group WePaidInYouPayOut about receiving leaflets.

ANON Never seen it before this has been developed recently, I can tell by the PC monitors on the leaflet as the DWP didn’t have those PC’s until about 3-4 years ago!

Carole Toolin

Well I’ve definitely never received a copy of that!

Christine Link I’ve never seen that

Glenda Jones Me neither

Jacky Lampshade Clark Never seen it before xxx

Kaye Mcnabgrieve Nor me! 

Elly Fox I’ve certainly never seen this leaflet before and never got a letter.

Andrea Morgan I’ve never seen this leaflet. It keeps,saying pension at 65? Originally the pension ages were to be staggered and mine was to be age 62 and three quarters what happened to this ruling?

Ruth Smith Where’s my leaflet? Never got one of those with the letter I never got telling me about SPA increases. What a bunch of liars.

Jane Emery I’ve never received anything like this…

Christine Carroll Never seen this.

Margret Miller Never received this

Marion J Kelly Never received anything. I found out when just before my 60th I went to look on website how to claim my pension. Aug 1954 now July 2020 3 weeks off my 66th birthday.

Janet Guest Me too

Jane Emery I will be 60 in a couple of weeks..still haven’t had any notification at all….

Elaine Kelly Never seen that before!

Linda Marris No leaflet, no letters, no pension, almost 63 and still waiting for something!!

Liz Harris Never had the leaflet will be 60 in April

Carol Saunders Not seen that either

Sheila Bush Cassidy Me either

Audrey Arnot 60 Last year, no letter or leaflet.

Sue Wardle Never seen this never had letter born 58

Linda White – Bedson No letter no leaflet funny how they all got lost in post

Ellen Buchanan Never seen the leaflet and no letter are you creating a poll Trudy Baddams

Heather Hand Never seen this! !

Netti Craddock Never seen this leaflet! Seems to have been fabricated retrospectively – too little too late!

Suzi Marie Arnold me too

Lynne Gooding Never received one and never read one until now!!!! So many of us cannot be wrong.

Norma Baldock Never seen this leaflet or had a letter, so where did they all go? Lost in the post! All thousands of them

Mary Williams No letter No leaflet 60 last year and had two hikes so another six years to wait.

Gill Parsons Nov 54 never seen leaflet, received a letter Jan 2012 telling me my spa was now 66 …….2 years notice. So def not the 18 months the Gov keeps going on about.

Suzi Marie Arnold lol it really is a kind of ‘oh shiiiite’ moment going on, increase gradually to 65, well mine is 67 without any, I mean any, notification, I only had 3 years to go, wham bham 10 years, that is GRADUAL?

Denise Rawcliffe Amazing so many women agree that they have not received this leaflet As do I!

Georgia Skinner Not seen that one x

Janet Guest August 54. Never received this leaflet or its accompanying letter. Didn’t find out my SPA until 2013 when I asked for a forecast. I will now be 3 weeks off 66 before I retire, despite working since I was 16.

Elaine Wilson Never had any letter the only letter I had was to tell me how much I was getting that was years ago

Marie Milne Never seen by me 

Myra Clay I never seen one of these until today ! January 1957

Sue Morgan If you include Saturday jobs and after school two nights a week I have been working since I was 13… And I get my pension on my 60th birthday…
I have not seen this leaflet or any letters ..first I heard was from friends and I got a state pension forecast!!

Sue Thorne No letter, no leaflet and I have to wait until I’m 66 unless they extend it again.

Paula Hayden Barclay Prentice I certainly never received this leaflet

Lesley Purden What leaflet???

Angie Bull Never received any leaflet. First time I have seen this.

Pat Long Never seen one of those! Seen tax notices, was sent advice of an incomplete year of stamps and amount to pay when I requested a statement around this time, an ideal communication to include this information!
Still never seen this leaflet, even though I’ve since been made redundant, gone to CAB and the job centre, been forced into self employment and had to pay self employed stamps, all suitable opportunities!!

Linda Sandell I have never seen that leaflet

Bev Turner Never seen this leaflet

Viv Burge Never seen this leaflet

Carole Green I’ve never seen this leaflet.

Mary Jones I did not have a leaflet, only a letter saying that my pension age would be 65. No letter amending it to 66.

Janet Burrows I didn’t get one

Susan Huntley Never seen leaflet and never received any letter!

Norma Fitzsimmons Just turned 60 – No communication whatsoever – but recvd Tax & NIC Assessments/demands! So they knew my long-standing address!

Michelle Wilson No letter no leaflet. 1955

Avril Simmons Maybe they weren’t sent out when they noticed the printing error, and are afraid to own up to that now?

Suzi Marie Arnold I have just found document September 2010 notifying me of a shortfall and if i want to donate to make up said shortfall NO mention of pension age rise, which in real time would have just taken an extra sentence IF they wanted us to know in time that is

Gill Parsons Do we know date they were printed and any ref ID

Suzi Marie Arnold p.s. posted to my Bulgarian addy here, as I still declare UK tax etc., so they took the opportunity of asking for some lump payments, I cannot imagine if I HAD paid assuming 60 retirement age

Yvonne Ludford Never got one never seen it before

Julia Donohue Nothing

Janet Field Yes, it’s evidence

Marina Maley  Have you sent a copy of this to the WASPI campaign?

Elizabeth Overton I have never seen this leaflet

Marie Phillips I have never seen this

Christine Ziolo Never seen this leaflet, was certainly not sent one.

Linda Barley Also, never seen that leaflet

Beryl Johnson Never received this leaflet.

Marilyn Briault I have never seen any leaflet.
Is there a particular part of the country where women were not told of spa.

Oscar Forrest Never seen this leaflet before never received one

Jan Hibbert Didn’t get a letter or leaflet

Marilyn Briault We all hear about this magical. 18 months.
OK if I was informed that my retirement age had been increased to 63 and reluctantly accepted this how is it that I don’t get a pension at 64 and 6 months

Marilyn Briault  no letter no leaflet. February 1954.’

June Auckland Never received anything to do with pensions

Margaret Clegg Nothing!

Karen Walsh I received a 1 page letter dated Oct 2012 – nothing from previous years by which time I was already seriously sick so have been unable to make up any contributions. It is worded differently from one above just stating that my retirement age would be at 66.

ANON Not got anything

Georgina O’Donoghue I have never received this leaflet!

Susan Reynolds Letter received in October 2012 notifying SPA as 66 (b. 28.5.55) but no leaflet!

Diane Owen No leaflet, never seen it before!

Chris Williams Leaflet, letter talking about 1995 act, but Labour had passed a further pension age rise law in 2007. Why no mention of that law? I don’t remember any letter in 2009. I asked for and got a letter in 2005, and that made no mention of 1995 or 2007 coming law.

Julia Donohue Clearly laws are there for the breaking…… by the ruling government …..

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8 thoughts on “Asking the group #WePaidInYouPayOut about receiving leaflets

  1. no leaflet, to be honest I cant remember getting a letter, but how ever I heard I thought you you had a choice to carry on working or retire at 60 as normal, so not made clear.


  2. I don’t see my name on the list but I think I replied?
    I heard from gossip at work around 3rd of March 2011 and how to get a pension profile on line. I did this and received date of 6th November 2018. I had a letter following this with an update on 4th April 2012 with a new SP date of 6th of May 2020. I was born July 21st 1954.


  3. Born Oct 1953
    I never received a leaflet, nor a letter. My pension kicked in approx 3 months prior to my 65th birthday, which is Oct 2018. I now discover I am supposed to continue to pay National Insurance for a further 9 months or so as this only stops at the end of a tax year. Seriously ??? I will have been paying NI with no breaks for 49 years. You only need 35 years under the new rules.


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