We’re Angry Because……..

We’re angry because……….

At interview with ITV West Country I was asked what kind of stories were in the book of personal testimonials, I mentioned many were of ‘Anger’ and I asked this question of our group:

I talked about the ‘anger’ I read in your stories, what is the one thing that angers you most? I know we’re all angry we haven’t got our pensions, but why does this make you angry? Me? I am angry because they are stealing my years of health, none of us know what’s around the next corner, I should be relaxing in the knowledge that the bills will be paid and I can enjoy my retirement. That has been snatched away, instead we’re working, we’re fighting for the meagre pension we’re entitled to, I’d like to be able to take a bus trip out in the country with my husband, look after my grandchildren more….. “

JT – Angry because I will have to sell my house that I fought to keep by myself for 30 years and no cheaper single storey buildings to downsize to. Can’t even afford a Park Home it seems!


JW – I live on an old wooden boat I got off eBay for £520 the roof leaked like a sieve when I got her, but sorted now, I got hit by bedroom tax no one bed places to exchange to, was trying to survive on reduced JSA at the time, 87 a fortnight and housing wanted 28 of that, left with sod all to survive on in the end I sold possessions and with compensation from housing for leaving me in a damp mouldy bungalow I told them to shove it, the boats not perfect, no running water chemical loo I have to cart to an elsan disposal every week but I’d rather be in this situation than be screwed into the ground with a bungalow I couldn’t afford, I have a little Wood-stove and a mini multi-fuel range burns wood or coal, I can just about afford to stay warm and fed, it’s not an easy life medieval in some respects but at least I can survive, but it’s hard at times boats need constant care which I’m finding harder to keep up with but I could be worse , I could have easily ended up sleeping under a railway bridge homeless, I don’t know how long I’ll be able to keep up the boat, next move will probably be a little caravan as that’s all I’ll be able to afford, I absolutely despise what the government has done to us all, and though I hate to admit it if there were a revolution and I was asked to operate a lever to hang them I would with a clear conscience and no pity because of the pain and suffering those elites have subjected so many to, it would be in my opinion be poetic justice aka karma. Sorry to be so blunt but it’s only because of the treatment so many have been subjected to one way or another I feel as I do

LDSo many of us will be having to sell our homes in order to feed ourselves. The Tories don’t see a problem with this…..they’re OK and that’s all they care about.

LCI also single-handedly sold the home I had lived in for 26 years. I had no choice but to move 100 miles away. This injustice is on my mind constantly. It is the worst injustice since the suffragettes. However they got what they wanted….. eventually.
Do you think we will?…..

LHI am angry that my golden years where I should be relaxing and doing what I want at last have been stolen from me. I should be enjoying this time not living in constant worry I have been robbed of my golden years where I wanted to travel a little and enjoy life while I was still able to do so.

SWI’m angry for the same reasons as previous comments but most of all I’m angry that we have been cheated out of something that was promised to us.

BC – I am angry that I am unable to spend time with my husband and in June our first grandchild am angry that I will not be able to child care when my daughter goes back to work.

TS – I am angry that my mum is being robbed of years of health. She should be able to look after my gran (who at 84 takes a lot of looking after)without the added burden of still having to get up at 5am to go to work. She looks older every time I see her.

GACI am angry for all the same reasons as above

BL – I’m angry at the unfairness of it . My (hopefully)£600 a month pension will make such a difference to my life but to those stopping me getting it , it equates to about 3 days of their salary per month , they are so well off it doesn’t matter to them but it would be life changing for me an ordinary worker .

BF – I am angry because my pension has been stolen 

LGI am angry as feel I was robbed then insulted

DK – I am angry because I had always planned to retire at 60 and start taking life a bit easier, enjoying walks with my dogs, looking after grandchildren. With the medical issues I have including 2 replacement knees I was looking forward to worry free years where I had my pension coming in and for the first time I could do what I wanted not having to rush out for work at 9am and getting back at 5.30. I am angry because all the MP’s claim more in expenses than i earn in a year plus they have private pensions and retire at 58, 59 whenever they choose with plenty money behind them. Sorry but on £235.00 per week I couldn’t afford a private pension but I do have my house well at the moment. I am annoyed on behalf of the lady above who has to sell her house but cannot afford to buy something smaller which after working 40 years is a worse position than I am in. I am angry because non of the government cares about us and where was the TV coverage of the handing over of the books we were not even worthy of a mention. We must all join up as one and make people realise we are not going away, thank you to Trudy and the ladies who went

SG – I am angry that I can’t spend my time living my life as I want to. I have had to justify any illness or hospital appointment or holiday to someone for the last 45 years (since I started work at 15). I thought I would be spending these years with my husband of 43 years, not working 40 hours a week. He is at home because of health issues, I should be there with him.

KH – I am devastated, by not one increase , that I could have dealt with ,,, but the rapid increase and extra 18 months ,added by Cameron and Osborne was completely unjust and unfair

LWI am angry for all the lies said about us! The truth will hurt once but lies hurt every time we remember them. I am angry at the disrespect shown to us by the government saying that they told us. I am angry about the fact that the government thinks that we don’t matter and we do!!! I am angry because this is the only time since I started work that I have to depend on someone to feed and clothe me and put a roof over my head. I am very angry!!

LG – also very angry Teresa May as woman she done nothing for us zero

EB – I am angry and as Jo above I am also selling my home to release capital and move to Spain for hopefully a better life. I have a sister there, but I will miss my family I will leave behind here. I know it won’t be all plain sailing, but at least I will wake up to sunshine to walk my wee dog in rather than being stuck indoors here because I can’t afford to go anywhere.

LC – I am angry that I reduced my hours at work due to ill health and thought we would manage as I would be getting my state pension to top us up as my husband is 75 has battled prostate cancer and now has leukaemia and I’ve another 3 years to go to get my pension and will still have to carry on working in order to survive!

CRI’m angry because I had to give up work because of genuine ill health I had my ESA stopped Failed an appeal that I was too ill to attend My savings are all gone and I have to live on “nothing“ for another five years

YMTI am angry because I am forced to work for another 6 years, am nearly 62 and the last 2 years should have been spent with me feeling a bit more secure, having time to help my children, see more of my grandchildren and maybe do a bit of voluntary work. I have been robbed of the choice whether to retire or not at 60. I am angry because, like everybody else my age, I can feel myself having to slow down, getting tired quicker and not having the energy to do the things that I enjoy doing after working all day and looking after the house, etc. I am angry at the way I have been treated, being female, all down the years and being made to feel like some sort of 2nd class citizen. The prospect of grafting until you drop is looming large – soon this government will have us back in the 1850s. I am angry because I have worried all my life, about being able to work, pay the mortgage, feed my children, etc. We all did without plenty but I got us there in the end, without ending up as a bag lady, the thought of which gave me waking and sleeping nightmares for 25 years. I have always paid my dues and shouldn’t be worrying for an extra 6 years about what may happen. I, and all of us, deserve a bit of security and dignity by the age of 60 – we’ve earned it.

TO – I’m angry that they think they can treat us like this, and get away with it when at 60 I thought I would be secure not have to worry about anything having struggled in the past, be able to enjoy life a bit well what I have left. God willing. I’m more than angry I’m furious!!

SRI’m angry that proven mistakes have been made but we can’t even get an apology!

LS – I’m angry because the govn’t are totally ignoring us. I’m angry because she is a woman our age, but she’s an automaton, devoid of empathy or compassion. I’m angry because stress at work gave me 2 or 3 migraines every week for 6 years, and I couldn’t take it any more, I took early retirement and redundancy at 60. I’m angry because now I worry my husband (70) may not last, hence his SP will cease, before I reach SPA in 2 years time. I’m one angry woman

ML – I’m angry at no notice ,no letters, I have a job but on ESA,live on my own,and out of the money I get on ESA, I have days where I cant have any heating,and have to boil a kettle to wash, its heat or eat for me I’ve worked since I was 15 I’m 64 this year

AT – I am angry that I have to live in pain and still work which makes it worse, when if I could have retired at 60, nearly 3 years ago, I would still have been more mobile and could have spent quality time with my grandchildren and quality time for myself. If I make it to retirement, my body will be so knackered there will be no point going on as al;l my plans have gone down the drain, I wont be able to pay my mortgage and will most likely be homeless! no letters or info to tell me I had 6 years more hard labour to do!

JGI’m angry about the way us guys have been shafted.

EY – I’m angry I still have the worry of dealing with the job centre to actually prove I’m disabled enough not to work. But yet get the highest rate of pip. Still they keep me in the work side of things and insist I struggle down to meetings which last 5 minutes……takes me over an hour to get to and another hour to get home.
We shouldn’t have all this stress now. We should be more relaxed and enjoying what time were lucky to have left
I hate this Tory government with a passion. how dare they call themselves compassionate

It is like being sentenced to 6 years of hard labour

KS – With no parole for good conduct!

CH – I am angry as bank robbers get prison thieves get prison. But they have stole our pensions and get off.

SMWI’m angry that I have to use the money I had saved so I could enjoy my retirement to live now meaning I will now spend the rest of my life in poverty. Angry about being treated like a lazy ignorant lay about because I can’t find work at the age of 63 when I have worked from 15 and thought I would have earned some respect and having to be treated for depression because of it something I have never had before.

AF – I’m angry about: the breach of contract, the discrimination , the blatant disregard of the contribution that ‘50s woman have made to the economy , the lack of respect for the women that have supported and underpinned the working population over the years. I AM ANGRY!!!

DCAngry in so many ways, Can’t just draw a line in the sand and say tomorrow we are all equal when 43 years of working contributions were before the line in a time when we did not have equality, in life, in work options, in earning potential, or contributions to accrued pension additions or private pensions (which were not expected to be necessary when we started out). Angry that my generation already suffered with loss of any investments, savings, endowments in BLACK FRIDAY crash (1980’s) lost houses and marriages with 16% inflation, Angry that my date has been changed more than once, much confusion, lack of information, and only just discovered how the new rules apply to higher earners compared to lower ones and any carry over from old accrued amounts. And angry that now with health issues I will have to push and stress my body beyond it’s remaining resources to work another 4 years, Angry I will need to worry about whether I hit the wall health wise before I get there. I should be helping my mother who is over 90, or helping with my grandchild, I am not, so that will cost the government more money. FINALLY Angry that this issue and others that exacerbate the have’s and the have nots is causing division in our society today between age groups. Angry that women have fought for 100 years for their rights to be equal and we are still fighting against being robbed and abused in so many way. I do not like living with ANY anger.

ET – I’m angry because I have no life except poverty. Having to do without basic items that are taken for granted. Having nothing to spare ever. Unable to give my grandchildren little extras. Glasses and dental work all denied. Cannot afford to fix or repair anything. Foraging for burning wood. I’m angry.

LMI am angry because my husband has been retired for 10 years and never having seen much of the world (we didn’t get the option of a year out did we) we planned to travel together whilst we still had our health. I am angry that now it may never happen and what chance of travel insurance?

YHThe blatant breaking of a promise to pay me my pension at sixty.

JH – I am angry because the Uk Government have denied me my freedom of choice and my security of income.

GD – Angry about” are we living to work, or working to live?” I know which one seems to apply now. Its not a progressive, healthy situation & not what was envisaged, during our growing up, after a devastating War.
Since when, have we become devalued as individuals?

DNCI’m angry because I empathise with you all. My sister-in law just missed out by months. All her school mates have their pension but she doesn’t. She is recovering from cancer. I am very angry too I have to wait another 11 years before I get my pension too. We should all vent our anger at this heinous Tory government..

KC – I feel sad and could cry when I listen to all the sad stories. I am so angry that they have stolen £40,000+ from me. I could have had a less stressful life. 62 this year still working with Arthritis by the time I reach 66 my mobility will not be good as it is deteriorating all the time

ATsame here, I have to go yo work every day with arthritis in my knees, hips and feet and will be totally immobile by the time I retire, if I am still here!

CB – Angry that we women have been disrespected, not listened to, ignored, belittled, cheated out of we were promised in good faith, been unfairly treated in the name of equality: disappointed even more than angry with the government, feel let down and unappreciated. Never thought I’d be forced by the system to live off husband and what is left of savings at this time of life – I never chose to be ill and redundant, but here I am!

CW – Admin PENSION 60 NOW. Re my 1950s experience as a victim of state pension theft from women, is the National Insurance Fund is full AND in surplus and it would cost nothing and it WOULD HAVE cost nothing, just to pay us our rightful money since 60.
Being disabled / chronic sick, cannot work. No working age benefits as on a tiny works pension that increases far, far below price rises each year. Thieved the rightful money of means-tested Pension Credit and Winter Fuel Allowance from 60.
So feel, like so many, that the Lib Dems and Tories in coalition intended for us to die. It is as simple and as stark as that.
Why then last year, did Labour have nil state pension policies in its Manifesto other than a vague transitional arrangement just for a few of us ladies 2 years from raised pension age, making us all the poorer by an even more reduced state pension FOR LIFE already inflicted on us by the small print of the flat rate. We would not have become pensioners and get all that other help, and would have lost any working age benefits we had.

JB – I’m angry also and all our stories are the same cheated our lives stolen from us as we see our family friend s work colleges not even seeing 60 years old let alone 66 !!! They have taken our money for over 40 years and cheated and treated us like dirt shame on you filthy rich politicians and I also now suffer with chronic auto immune diseases, I have worked from being 15 years old I’m 60 now I have Ben diagnosed with raynauds lupus strogrens connective tissue disease osteoarthritis and more lol !!! Don’t normally say I’m appealing ESA at this moment after being finished on medical grounds last Jan from my previous employer and told your fit for work get off to job centre after paying in 44 years of taxes and ins contributions I say no more cost I get so angry.

FB – Angry, as tried to be responsible all my working life, follow the process to allow me to retire at 60. It transpires now that had I claimed benefits, not bothered to go to work and support my family and country, and juggled work, family and caring for elderly relatives, I would now have more NI credits for the new State pension…….., because I lost out whilst working because I was contracted out, how is that right!!! Now I want some quality time with my children and grandchildren, it has been denied, health failing. I wrote to my MP, he said I could always take up an apprenticeship or do voluntary work. I have done my part for over 40 years, yet still they want more NI Contributions so I can claim the full new state pension. I hate this government and the last and now on Stage 2 of my official complaint process via the WASPI campaign. We must all keep fighting for what is rightfully ours and thank you for everything you are doing, justice has to prevail. Xxx

JWI suppose till I found out because of my health issues I was looking forward to not worrying about trying to hold a job down in the then 5 years time then finding out and panicking how on earth I’m going to survive for 6 years more on top with failing health, I swear the worry has put years on me and I’m angry about the way we’ve all been treated every generation, seems to me we are just cash cows for the elite !

EF – I am angry because so many women have been stripped of their independence and it feels like we have been sanctioned for up to 6 years .If any other group had a 6 year sanction imposed on them the whole country would be in revolt . But because it only affects women there are too few of the many that are interested in resolving our predicament. June 54

AO – I’m angry that I have to live under my quilt because i can’t afford to pay heating bills. I have a chronic head injury through no fault of my own. I can’t believe they can just get away with not keeping to their side of the contract. A contract we had no choice to pay out of our weekly wage. I know there are many ladies out there like me. Work hard all your life for what!?!.

EP – I’m too am angry that I have had to use my savings & have been robbed of my hard earned retirement. I am full time carer for my husband as well as working 18 unsocial hours a week as a Registered Nurse on a busy medical assessment unit just so we can eat. Both roles are physically demanding & I am constantly tired. We cannot afford holidays & I have also been robbed of spending more time with my grandsons. I am lucky I still have my health, a lot of my patients are younger than I am. I had to give up my volunteering role at our local food bank as I had no time left in the week.

JD – I am angry at the ‘cold shoulder’ we get from the Government about this issue. They know we have a case for maladministration – no notice or insufficient notice given – but choose to ignore this. They are hoping if they ignore us long enough we will give up or simply die before we get a just resolution. We are all exhausted and ill but we know this Government is always happy to waste taxpayers money if they can deny a person justice!

JP – I’m very angry played along all these years never claimed a penny all my life worked after school since the age of 12 worked backshift while kids were young so husband was home at night to care for them so we were like ships that passed in the night now he has retired and instead of spending time with him I’m up at 4 am to start work always tired seen quite a few friends die under 60 over the past few years yes I’m bloody angry

LBI am angry because I was unable to support my two adult sons with disabilities adequately. I was expecting to retire at 60 but had to continue working self employed for a pittance. One son could not manage his care and his tenancy and faced eviction and court. We have had 12 months of hell. So with the lack of pension. Downturn in wages and social care being non existent the government has shafted my family in more ways than one.

LF – Angry because paid way over the odds, 44 years now and still another 3 yrs to go. Was responsible and planned and saved and had my savings taken away. Can’t spend more time with my elderly parents. Angry at constantly being fobbed off and im angry that the successive governments will not acknowledge their mistakes. In the world of work you would be sacked if you made the mistakes that they have done or put in prison.

JE – I am angry that after a lifetime of working hard to the point where I can no longer work due to ill health, that instead of being able to draw the pension that I paid into since I started work at 16 I am having to metaphorical jump through hoops to claim benefits. It has made a total mockery of my working life, I had two children I hardly saw because of work. I had a Mum who had cancer I could have had more time with her. My Dad lived on his own after she died I could have spent more time with him and I could have had a better and less exhausting life. I am also angry that through no fault of our own we have been left in this situation and so angry that because we happen to be mostly women affected by this we are seen as fair game. I am also angry that our Prime Minister a 50s woman herself has no empathy with our situation. She could do something to resolve the situation, instead she has chosen to do nothing. Let’s hope this will prove to be her downfall

RHI am angry because I feel I’ve worked , done my bit put into the system, brought up my family, been “a good person” as my mother used to say , watched my parents work all there days my mother died 1 year after retirement , my father 4years after retirement, I would have worked probably for a few years after I reached “60” probably part time knowing that I had the means to retire when. I felt the time was right for me but now I have extra pressure been put on me that hopefully I have good health, so I can have an income coming in to pay bills etc. Also I feel it makes you insecure and instead of looking forward to retirement and embracing your later years it’s now and added pressure and uncertainty of will I ever have “me” time, family time and even see retirement…….

PM – Having to regretfully downsize our family home. To increase our savings as my hubby is 12 yrs older he is worried sick about passing.. And leaving me trying to live on half his works pen. Angry that I have become a kept woman. Totally financially dependent on a 75 yr old man angry when he has to pay my dentist and glasses bills.. There’s not enough space………….

JPG I am so very angry, that having done the right thing all my life, looked after everyone as best I could, Had to see Bill through his cancer, which he survived and is still here, and then my mum and her dementia, Then Had to tackle having cancer myself, and having a breast removed. To be told that the certainty of my life has been taken away, and that my pension is no longer there for me at 60!. I don’t really know how long I have left, but I shouldn’t have to be worried about where the next penny is coming from, especially at this time in my life. I should be having quality time with those I love. I am very angry that a privileged few can come along, and just take something that doesn’t belong to them and for why, because they can. when they have so much of their own. Its an insult!

GD – I angry because I’ve worked since 15. Paid into the system. Brought up two children. Finished work to care for my dad to keep him out of a care home.
Now at 63 still having to wait another 3 years.

SG – Spot on I’m up at 5 to get ready for work back home at 4. Every morning my health effects me not just little aches and pains but have had major illness s 3 more years to go for me sometimes you feel you won’t make it to your state pension I would gladly retire tomorrow if I could a bus pass my state pension and the winter fuel allowance would be al I would have as no other pensions I truly believe I have been robbed of some quality time to live a more pain free old age I have a heavy Manuel job and have worked since I have left school at 15 I feel sometimes I won’t live to receive my due rights of what I have paid into and was made to believe I could retire at 60 x

RM – Me too . when they put pension age up they don’t take into account that some women have hard manual work ,and as you get older its Impossible to do . like you I drag myself out of bed at 5 every morning , then slog away in a laundry for 8 hours plus every other weekend . I’m sick of it , its not fair that at our age we have to do that .

KO – I’m angry cause I’ve worked 40 yrs and paid into system I’m in heavy job and have been all those years my back hip etc., I have to take painkillers etc., but they want me to work another 10yrs is ridiculous ppl say get lighter job ha ha who’s going to employ a wrong side of 50yr old let us leave with a bit of dignity I will end up if go on all these yrs I’ve to work medically retired which costs government more as say let us leave with dignity 45yrs service is surely enough not stopped at all .

GAW – All injustice prompts anger. My wife’s anger grows by the day. She is being quite openly mugged – robbed in plain sight.I’m also angry for her. I watch and resent deeply every day she works beyond her 60 years (she’s 63) because it should now be our time. Three years that should have belonged to us have been stolen.

MS – I’m angry because our plans of retiring together has been taken away . Lack of a decent income and ill-health are taking there toll and after 47 yrs of working the precious time my pension money would give me has been taken away and for each day and year ( 6) in my case that I have to work takes my husband to his 74th year and nobody can give us back the lost time we should be enjoying together that we didn’t have in our younger years as we were working and bringing up a family. In his case he was a Long distance Lorry driver and worked away from home a tremendous amount. These precious years have been stolen.

MW – I’m angry because I tried to do what I thought was right all my working life. Working round my husbands hours while bringing two children up. I would have liked a career but there was no childcare benefits. I’m angry because the government has stolen my money and has took my security from me and is taking away the money that I should be using to spend on my grandchildren and enjoying more holidays with my husband who is recovering from bladder cancer. None of us know how long we have left to live and shouldn’t have to worry about money when we’ve already paid our money in. I’m angry that there’s lots of us 50’s women with no homes or enough money to live on. They shouldn’t have to be cold or hungry when they’ve worked hard all their lives. I’m angry because I know I can’t ever trust the government to run our country any more and they shouldn’t be able to get away with cheating and lying.

JCThis whole “equality with men” thing. I worked for years earning less per hour than my male colleagues for doing the same job. I was not given the same financial advice or job opportunities. I was laughed at by my office manager when I reported a male colleagues groping attempts. My absent partner chose not to pay maintenance for our two children. He has now been able to retire early on pension credits. And me? Working full time in a demanding job at 61. Still paying off a mortgage that I’ve had to keep adding to when debts build up. No time to support my daughter with my grandson, who has autism. I’ve had to work bloody hard all my adult life. And what really stirs up the rage is that my retirement, that time of peace that I have dreamed of for so long, has been taken from me, with no warning, no opportunity to reflect and make other plans. Where’s the bloody justice there?! I’m writing this at 7am- I have to start work at 8 and work through till 5.30, as I do 5dpw. Was this how I imagined my retirement to be? No. And from where I’m standing, it’s got sod all to do with equality.

RJHG – I feel that I have been betrayed by repeated Governments, when I first started my working life at the tender age of 14yrs of age, I did so, on the firm belief that good, honest, hard work would reap rewards later in life. I am so damn angry that the Governments of this Country feel, firstly, that a Pension is a benefit, it is NOT, it is worked for over years. I am angry that the Government, with their current attitude, expect the 1950’s women who are not able to work, due to a multitude of reasons, to go cap in hand to the state for other benefits, or to their spouses……….where the hell is the equality in that. I feel angry, that for the last CENTURY, Women of this country are treated as second class citizens. When in fact they are, and have been in the past, especially the War years, the backbone of this Country. Doing menial jobs, looking after children, supporting spouses, and being stopped from progressing from furthering their careers, sometimes solely due to their gender, and now that the Government have the chance to LISTEN to the female population of the Country, THEY STILL CHOSE TO IGNORE US…….I could go on, but there are so, so, so many issues that make me angry where the subject of PENSIONS are concerned……. HOW DARE THE GOVERNMENT of today, ignore us, pretend to listen occasionally, and if we are lucky enough……..give us two minutes of LIP SERVICE………

GH – Angry that statistics are being manipulated and that press and media are promoting this living longer whilst at the same time blaming older people for pressure on NHS.

JR – I’m angry because I know the last four years whilst I was working has has a long term effect on my health physically and mentally, working nights cleaning, waking up scared of getting ill, not being able to understand the system, not having any support, feeling unable to cope, I’m angry that four years of my life has been snatched away, I’m angry that I didn’t get to spend quality time with my sister who passed away last year age 65, I promised to spend more time with her when I retired, I’m angry at the government for making us feel like second class citizens, and ignoring us, I’m angry at the DWP for ignoring us, I’m angry at the lack of notice given and just being made to “get on with it “, I’m angry at the lack of respect this government has got for us, this could be the title for another book , The angry women of the 1950s and 60s

DL – I feel very much the same as you, Trudy Baddams. They have stolen our money (and stolen our years).

LE – that the people who gets to say when we need our pension have mega bank accounts and don’t have to rely on the pension to live on like we do and still hold they hand out for it and most of us won,t live to get our pension and we had no warning or chance to do anything about it

JDPO – I am angry because I have health issues and having to claim ESA which is hard as they are always calling you in for assessments etc. If I had my pension I would not have to worry about this and be able to concentrate on getting myself better. Also the threat of the Job Centre doesn’t help. Who is going to give a 63 year old woman with health issues a job!

PSI’m angry that I was promised my pension all my working life and had to tolerate inequality in the workplace, no sick pay when I had to work part time due to caring for my children.
I was lied to and promised this pension when I reached 60 and now had it taken away.

JW – We are just being treated like cash cows ,squeeze the last drops of taxable life out of us

MB – Ditto… arthritis, RSI, diverticulitis, have to keep a check on my elderly mother and her brother who has Parkinson’s and bowel cancer, grand-kids are in their beds by the time I get back from work travelling from Fife to Edinburgh and back every day, hardly ever get to see them would so love to be able to see them and look after them as I should have been able to had I got my pension at 60

AP – I am angry because iv paid into a pension and the government have changed the rules so do to me having COPD we have to struggle week by week to get threw when my husband would not have to work sixty hrs a week so we can pay bills if I had my pension witch iv paid into our lives would be much better

DMDWhat angers me is the time they have stolen. Time we should have spent with our families is wasted on work. They have stolen and wasted our precious time.

PD – Angry because, not only did I not get my SPA, I had to deal with ill health and being made redundant! I finally got it at just over 64 years in November 2017. Those lost years make me angry instead of relying on my partner who has a low income anyway. It’s an absolute disgrace

JBI am angry that every day I have to think about what I can afford to do, how much more of my savings account that I will have to dig into in order to get my haircut, health issues, pain relief for osteoarthritis in both hands, petrol costs because I can’t travel on bus, constantly battling anxiety and wondering what is around the corner. I am angry at the ignorance of our treatment by the government and that this is an issue that just shouldn’t have been allowed to happen! I am angry at feeling angry instead of relaxing and enjoying what should be my retirement time that I have worked long and hard for! Angry that we should have to fight to get our dues, our money, our contributions, angry that I feel anger every day!

JHYes they stole our pension x my husband died at 55 I was 51 with 2 twin boys of 11 so he had no pension I was ill for 7yrs I work hard working and bring up 6 children so did my husband 7 days a wk man bless him x now I’m working in kitchen at school and enjoy my job I should be enjoying time at home relaxing and having me time life is not promised so it should be our time if we chose to retire not have to worry about finding jobs they have stolen that choice from us my heart goes out to you all fighting this x have lovely day xxx

RADWe are the lost generation. Worked from a tender age and worked around our Husband’s to juggle the children, without tax credits etc. Saved the country thousands by being carers for our parents. Only to be treated like second rate humanity at the twilight years. I have survived Cancer and seriously doubt l will ever see a a penny pension l paid into let alone the £43k they have stolen already. God forgive them as l never will.

SHH – I’m angry that apart from our stolen years they think that we can be treated in this way. The powers that be KNOW that we never received proper notification and they honestly think we will just put up with this….WRONG! We worked through the inequality years and STILL were expected to put up with it

MBI agree it is humiliating and being exhausted all the time I have been off work with stress… Just back n feeling it already… Work hard still since 15yrs old after bills n travel have around 300 max per month to feed me clothe me and anything else is extras currently needing shoe’s only shop in charity shops fr clothes I should be relaxed with my pension not worrying that I would like to afford a day out with grandchildren

KG – Angry as I don’t want to be a liability to anyone. Angry as I thought I’d be making my own choices. Angry because I want the retirement I paid for. Angry because those who stole it are not taken to task. I want to care for my parents full time but can’t as I have to work. I want my independence back.

Still angry! There IS money to resolve this. I’m angry and fearful about how, in 2018, women are being treated. I fear for my Daughter and Daughter-in-Law. I’m angry that this gross treatment we’re experiencing is covered up and I speak to lots of men and women who don’t know. They may well think I’m making this up.! I’ll probably be back to comment further as I’ll be angry for a long time. Is there any way a peaceful campaign could be held in Manchester?

IMI am so Angry about losing my pension. This anger comes from fear of what is going to happen to me in the next few years. How will I survive if anything bad happens. I thought I would be financially secure by now. I feel let down and pushed aside

CGI’m angry because my pension has been stolen, can’t enjoy life with my husband and having to use our savings x

SF – It’s because it’s like a Mother saying all year, ” You’re getting a new bike for Christmas” then when Christmas is nearly here changing it to Easter. Imagine the disappointment.

DHThe list is long I’m angry about most of the things already mentioned, but most of the time I’m angry with myself for wishing my life away,life’s to short I have worked non stop since I was 15, I shouldn’t at 62 be wishing I was 66

LBI want to spend time in Canada with my 24 yr old son but I need to work full time and I’m 64 this month

PJS – I’m angry that I can’t get this injustice out of my mind when I’ve lived through inequality, done all that was demanded of me, planned ahead & had the goalposts moved without being informed & given 10 years notice. Notice which everyone else is seemingly entitled to…why don’t we deserve that same treatment? Angry because I played by the rules and am being “ punished”. Angry that I mistrust anything the government tells me. Angry that this country stands by whilst this and many other terrible injustices are metered out on the homeless, disabled and yet again, women. Angry that at almost 64 I have to be “ kept” by my husband. Angry that all our dreams are on hold until I’m nearly 66. My father died at 40, heart disease, I have high cholesterol. Angry At the TOTAL INJUSTICE and the lies used to justify that injustice. Shame on all those involved. Shame on the other parties for not making a stand to stop this from happening. Angry that I too, am wishing my life away

ER – I’m angry because I hoped to spend these years helping out with elderly mum and grandchildren. Although I managed to get within a year of my SP after working full time for 46 years, I have had to retire due to ill health – all that anxiety over jobs and now It dawns on me that I’m unlikely to get any quality retirement. This is it.

LM – Angry just doesn’t cover it!!! Furious and frightened, waiting on an urgent referral under the two week rule. Scared I may have something serious and unable to continue working, even though I should have retired last April. Shouldn’t be in this position after paying contributions for over 45 years

KG Yes, me too. I lost my husband and feel so vulnerable xx

LM Same here Karen I lost my husband last May, would have been 40 years married this month. Vulnerable and scared

ER I so understand how you are both feeling. The only crumb we have is each other and we are not alone. No doubt about it. We have been shafted.

GWI am angry because we were not told and given enough notice to plan for the future. Where has our money gone? Paid full NI contribution from the age of 16. Also believe if men had had pension age increased by almost 6 yrs there would have been an uprising.

LC – I am in orbit with rage at having to sell my home and move 100 miles away, to a cheaper part of the country on my own, this was the only way I could make a life. This dreadful injustice should be corrected at once. Why is no one listening? Our finishing line has been moved leaving many of us in deplorable financial difficulties.

HB – Angry that I worked hard from 15 up until August last year can’t do it any more worked for the NHS !! My Husband worked 18 months after his retirement date so we’ve had a little more money to enable me to finish 3 years before my SPA date but with our his Pension and my savings we are still finding things tight but we’re both entitled to what time we have left to enjoy our time together !! Roll on June 21.But that’s wishing my life away !!!

WC – I’m angry because my husband was in armed forces, and we moved all over the country, regularly, while I brought up our children, and he went off defending our country, while I did rubbish jobs, no private pension for me. Paid 35 years of contributions. Born 1955, pension when I’m 66yrs. So bad!

JAI am angry because we have been robbed and I think 46 years of paying into the system is enough, I started work at 15 and am now 61 we have earned our pensions.

BW – my sentiments entirely Trudy they are stealing our lives

LW I’m also angry because we’ve been robbed. I should be enjoying my time with my Husband and Grandchild. 47 years of contributions should be more than enough! We shouldn’t be wishing our lives away to get to SPA. Lx

HB – Unfairness .I hate unfairness ..

DM – It’s a crock of sh##.Liars and cheats. They look after themselves.
I’ve downsized but still stuck with a mortgage, so many decisions would’ve been different if I had known they would treat us like this.

We followed the rules.
Working from 14, working around kids and husband . So no chance to build up savings.helping kids through uni etc.

Thought my SP would give me chance to catch up on finances. Let me stop work to help with grandchildren. See more of my mum who is 84.
My health is really bad. I have no idea how I’m going to manage.
So I guess fear is my mine problem

JW – I am angry at the way that every other cause related to women’s injustice is gaining great focus, which it absolutely should; as women have been exploited for so long. However because we are lower profile and older, we have don’t count.

CM So true Jane. We have been campaigning for years now and never a mention on TV or newspapers. As soon as it was mentioned in the Oscars and now the female BBC presenters, it’s front page news! Not only do we not count but it will cost this Government millions. It’s pretty obvious what’s going on here

HF – I am angry as it is the year of the woman and a month has passed already and still no pension for waspi women

SL – I am angry because I feel I have been let down and left on the scrap heap. The government just does not care!

AAI am angry. I have my house up for sale. My hubby only working 20,hours a week because of ill health. We have to downsize and move 60miles away so we have money to survive until pension at 66.

KBI’m angry because I spent years struggling to raise my son alone, fighting cancer, supporting family and working and now live with worry and stress. I had to extend the term of my mortgage but my plan was to pay it off on receipt of my pension at 60. I am nearly 64, cannot work much longer, cannot pay my debts or maintain my home, but worst of all I could not help my son when he left uni. I’m angry because my friends only slightly older than me get 3 years more pension and I have to keep inside my frustration when they plan outings and I have to stay home. I wanted some quality of life, it wouldn’t have given me luxury but it would’ve made one hell of a difference in my life.

RW – I am angry because I have paid all that money into the system worked all my life and now robbed of what is rightly mine the government as was previous governments are out to line own pockets they retire early on huge pensions when NHS is in dire straits they waste money sending it to foreign countries when they cant even look after the elderly and vulnerable here in the UK

KW – I’m angry that, after being financially independent from the age of 18, working long hours for 30 yrs (putting work before home life, in order to stay in my career as long as possible – which I only managed till age 50 and discovering ageism) and “doing the right thing” (savings, insurances etc) for years, planning my retirement (at 60 or earlier) from age 21, that retirement was taken away at age 57, when I found out my SPA had been moved to 66. Plus the health worry. By the time I have some money to get out and about more, I won’t have the health to enjoy that time. I’ve already seen a drastic change in my health between age 50 and 62. And 4 years to go….

SQ I am angry ‘cos we are living in a society that doesn’t care and a political system that doesn’t have any regard for its elderly. I am angry ‘cos I don’t have a voice my health has deteriorated n my daily existence is painful…I too want to start living again before its too late!

IPIndeed, Trudy. It’s the theft of that short window, never retrievable, when we still have a modicum of health and could be putting these years to good use – with family, friends, charitable work etc. It’s not as if we can just pick up where we left off, so to speak, after the six years because by then we are broken – financially, physically and mentally. The devastation caused to the lives of its citizens far outweighs the savings made by the government. Lives matter.

LGI’m having to ask my husband to pay for things I always used to pay for as I’ve worked all my life. I’m too crocked to work any more with arthritis and broken back. Husband is having to work way past his retirement age to keep it together. It has ruined our lives. Especially when combined with the NHS postponing hip replacements.

RMIt makes me angry because my plans have all gone to the wall which means my saving are now my income. Which means they robbed me of my twilight years in which I had planned. It makes me angry they picked us to do this too with out giving us fair warning. Every time I see Theresa may I just want to punch her in the face that’s how angry it makes me

EOI am angry that the retirement my husband and I planned for over 40 yrs was taken away without notification. There is a possibility that my husband who was diagnosed with cancer will not be around for my retirement when we could have spent those yrs together. I am angry at the fact that older people are continually blamed for the woes in this country even though we spent 40 + years building it.

FNHit the nail on the head …. time is the one irreplaceable element.

FSI’m angry because I’ve been taken for a fool. It’s not just about losing 45K

JR I’m angry because I’m a widow, a full time carer for my 19st 36 year old son and still work part time. I’m 62 and 3 months old now with another 3 years 9 months to go till my spa. Just had to take 2 weeks off work to recharge my batteries from the lead up to Christmas and new year which was very very busy. Life would be so much better if I could just have my pension!

SBC – I’m angry because I’ve save the past and present government hundreds if not thousands of pounds looking after and caring for relatives since I was 8 years of age I had no help from anyone I worked too and paid into the system I’m angry that the mps get their pensions with no problems why do we have to suffer

EW – I’m angry that we are portrayed as greedy grasping women, a burden on the younger generation!

JH – I’m angry because I have worked from 15 now nearly 62 never had handout from anywhere because I always worked even went back to work early after having a child then I looked after parents (saving them gov please thousand’s and still worked and had house etc to run I just HATE THE INJUSTICE OF it all we paid so pay us OUR PENSION so we can have a bit of time left to enjoy life SO ANGRY

RADI did the same. Worked till 10pm at night in Co-op. Was my mother’s carerer, she was in a wheelchair. Saved them thousands. Looked after my own house and family with no help whatsoever. I’m now almost 63 and savings are almost gone. It’s worse than cruel.

AC – I am angry after all the years I worked hard in low paid hard manual physical jobs and kept to my side of the contract I had with government paying in for my pension at 60 .
To have it stolen from me my body is worn out I am in constant pain and mentally drained without the will to carry on. I have to wait 6 yrs for my money .Born Nov 1954

SM – I am angry that I kept my side of the bargain and the Govt. didn’t keep theirs but treated us all (including WW2 veterans) with contempt

ATI am angry that we are being robbed of our health and our lives!

DH – The changes were done by stealth….sneaky bastards thought they had an easy target in women.

LD – I’m angry because we spent our working lives planning and keeping going, praying we’d be fit enough to enjoy a few active years together. I was to retire last year and my husband (due to age difference) will be retiring next year. Now he’ll retire next year but I have no choice but to keep going for another 5years 6months, by which time my husband, who’s in poor health will be 70, it’s unlikely he’ll be able to drive by then so our dreams of getting about a bit are shattered. I am angry because I’ve put off and put off surgery to improve my quality of life, even though I’ve had 5 ops in the last 8 years, I need more. I’m afraid to take more time of work and hoped once I was 60 I could have them. Although work have been fair, the awkwardness of taking sick leave for operations and then rehab afterwards is becoming an issue. Passive aggressive comments like, ‘well done Lizzie, you’ve made a full week this week, you’ll need a few days off to get over the shock now you’re 60’ ….said jokingly but the threat is there. I’m angry because this has made every morning I wake up an angry time instead of a time to look forward to the day. I loathe this government and their hatred of anyone not as wealthy as they are and their policies to bring the most grief to the deserving and all the wealth to the privileged few who don’t need the money.

CWI’m angry because we are from an age where we were bought up to trust the people in power to do the right thing for us, and brought up to believe that stealing is wrong……and now… we are literally mugged and robbed

CHTotally unjust. We towed the line and paid in. Age 60 NOTHING. you are not only stealing from me but from my grandchildren also. It would have gone back into the economy.

HB – Raising spa because people are living longer is a lie .. raising the spa to equalise men and women is the lie .all that needed to be done was bring men down to 62/and a half and women up to the same that’s equality …the spa changes was a smoke screen to rob hard working .paying in ladies of their rightful pension payments ….liars and thieves …

SMHI am angry because my choice to retire at 60 or at a later date….now no choice I have to work until I am 66 now 63…..also loss of money x

SBI am angry because I chose to leave an NHS job and halt my NHS pension to work as a nurse in a Hospice. This was on the understanding that I only had three years to go before I got my state pension. Suddenly the rules changed and I now have to wait till 65. I would probably not have made that career change if I had known.

LFI’m still angry (having posted previously) that all of us women have been disregarded and trodden on. A film should be made of this when it finally is sorted out.

JCIf the Tories get in again god forbid the whole Country will be gone because they will have sold everything .

JHMe and my husband wanted to travel Europe in our motorhome, he would take early retirement but got to wait for me to finish first. Hope we are still here or healthy enough to live our dream

LH – You know what, after reading all these sad stories it has occurred to me that it is not just the money its the time that has been stolen from us. we cannot get that time back to spend with husbands, children and grandchildren its heart breaking to realise our so long awaited retirement years have simply been stolen and we have been mugged into the bargain. Its must be against our human rights to do this to us. By the time we get our pensions now we will be knocking on 70 and too old and probably to unwell to enjoy those retirement dreams x

HF – I agree you can’t get time back but also the stress we are all going through fighting this will be shortening our life span. Why on earth the government don’t just use their money tree like they are for lots of other things

SB – I was hoping to help look after my grandchildren like my mum did for me, so I could go back to work, my children had an amazing relationship with my mum and dad,

KBI feel angry because like many others here i have had my future stolen from me, my money, my health, my time. I would like to suggest that the mps have the next 6 years worth of their pensions taken from them, then they could use that with their expenses to pay what they owe us !

KH I’m angry because I could be spending the extra years meeting my grandkids from school, and perusing New skills daytime

MB – I’m angry not only because my State Pension has been stolen, but that of my late Husband’s as well. He died in May 2006 aged 59 less than 2 months before his 60th Birthday. I was 51. I should have retired in November 2014 before the new State Pension rules came in (in 2016). Widows not recognized, well and truly swept under the carpet. I have lost out to the tune of at least £36K and counting. I was going to defer my State Pension for at least 3 years, collect a lump sum of at least £30K and pay my mortgage off, this was my retirement plan which been completely annihilated, stolen. So the government were not happy just stealing the retirement i worked for, they have also stolen my late Husband’s State Pension which he earned right up until the day he died. The Torys are pure evil. I’m still working, several cleaning jobs, the first starting at 4.45am. Exhausted doesn’t begin to describe how I feel. November 1954, 2 Years 9 months 9 days to go.

PBHear hear Trudy

JP – I’m angry because. My husband and myself work all our lives from being 15 we had never claimed benefit not even sick money, we planned our lives so we retired together, my husband retired I had only 2 years and I would join him getting my pension at 60, when I got to 59 I phoned for my forecast to be told I couldn’t have my pension until I was 62, I had had no notice what do ever, then when I got to 62 and applied again I was then told it had now changed to 65 and 2 months once again no notice what so ever. I have since been made redundant I am now 64 and have 14 month left unless they move the goal post again I’m dreading phoning to ask for a new forecast in case they say 75. I now have poor health so what we had in mind for retirement is halved, God help these that have to wait longer than me.

KS – I’m angry that I have been denied Choices !!

SP – I am angry that in the 21st Century 100 years after the vote women are still second class citizens in many areas of life . Always been independent paid NI still paying but if I lose my job I am expected to depend on my husband,

CC – I’m angry because of the comfortable life style I had planned and contributed to has been taken away from me. Instead I’m having to watch every penny and do a juggling act that I shouldn’t have to.

LTIt’s the fact they kicked me in the teeth twice told 62 then 66 oh make that 3 they moved the stamps to 35,then bad luck with health and no entitlement to anything just put the top hat on it

ET – Screwed by successive greedy wasteful squandering governments

DD – I am angry that I was forced to sign a government contract promising to have a 35 year working life before retiring. I have 42 years showing now and that is still not enough for them as they want another 6 out of me..all this with no notification

LF – I’m similar. I’m also angry because I was a few years short in NI contributions. I’ve paid 42 already like you. I had some years before 2016 where I nearly paid a full year so I enquired to see if I could pay a bit more to take it up to a full year. Answer was no it won’t increase your state pension. You have to make contributions between now and 2020 when I will be 66 to make pension bigger. Con!! Does this make sense, don’t know if women are aware of this.

LH – I’m angry because all the previous pensioners,some only 2 yrs older than me ,have all the Benefits ,Winter Fuel allowance ,Bus Passes Flu jab etc., I am riddled with Osteo-arthritis ,I need warmth in winter to. I’m 63 and still working in pain everyday .It makes me so angry that past 6oyr olds have had this help ,Is this Government saying we are fitter than our previous 60yr OAP stupid idiots need to get there brains out there arses

RB – I could never have guessed that the elderly would become easy targets of the state to starve us of our funds, to lie about life expectancy, to stealthily, reduce the state pension, after having to wait beyond 65 years. Being, married to my first husband who worked whilst I looked after our child has counted against me with a reduction in my NI payments. Today, I found out that when I received child benefit there was no NI credits until 1978. I cannot make up shortfalls in NI as some of them are ‘ too late to pay’. Being married with the husband working counts against me, I was seriously, injured by a hit and run driver in 1970, on my way to work, I could not work for a couple of years and, now that counts against me. am so angry,, whichever way I turn, the system is stacked against me. I had the misfortune of being born into a male dominated world. Equality, is bull. I now have to depend on my second husband to provide. I am saving the state a fortune by being a carer for my mother. I get £62 per week for that job. I know the government is happy to kill the 50’s women off, to make savings. I am still fighting into old age to be heard. Ageism and misogyny rules, louder and bigger than ever. My brother and father would turn in their early graves to see how I and other women are being abused by governments who hate us. They are telling lies to our young people, saying, it is our fault that there is no money for them as we creamed it off. I did not steal from my child ! I am being punished by the state for, stupidly, trusting in a system that I believed was based on honesty, compassion and humanity. Foolish to be honest, hard working and law abiding. Those, with the wealth and the power laugh at people like me. Respect is for the crooks. My generation is reduced to statistics and percentage points, this is designed to make us feel disempowered and makes a mockery of all we fought for and all that we are. Old age is frightening, I cannot help but think that young people view us an obstacle to their future and a strain on their resources. My heart goes out to everyone affected by the punitive and arbitrary decision to steal our state pensions and our limited time left, in which, to retire.

CS All of this makes me so dam angry

W – I am angry because I was promised for all of my working life that I would get my pension at 60.
A contract is a contract and they should be forced to stick to it.
They have agreed that in future they will give at least ten years notice of changes, so they should backdate that promise and pay us what we are due. I am now living on an income of less than £400 per month because they didn’t bother to notify me in time for me to make alternative arrangements.

Anon – I am angry because I have had £55,000 stolen from me and everyone else who has to wait an extra 6 years. That is taking into account 6 years of state pension plus all the extras pensioners receive such as free travel, reduced entrance charges etc

RMangry that being born Oct 54 had 6 years added on, women only a few months older only had 2 extra years added. Using up my life savings, when I get my state pension it will be all I’ll have to live on. I would have agreed with equality, if men and women could have retired at 62 and a half. That would have been fairer.

LH – to be honest I am starting to get depressed its just such a hard struggle for all of us. But when u are alone without a partner there is no one to even talk to about it, it just all goes around and around in your head with no solution to be had. Also waiting to see if I can get Universal Credit which is even more depressing. sometimes I wonder what is the damn point

SHI’m angry at the fact that I’ve paid in since age 16, always worked whilst juggling family commitments and expected to get pension at 60 as was always told. To find out in 2013 that I’d have to work another 6 years PLUS have to continue paying NI even though I’ve paid for 43 years is very galling. The fact that the government think that it’s ok to do that and refuse to listen to us makes me furious.

VL – I am angry because we are forced to work but no one wants to employ us….what are we supposed to do?

MT – I’m angry because it’s always the workers that are cheated,while those made rich by our efforts live the life of Riley and several other things.

DB – I’m angry because I‘m now not of the best health at61 and still have 4and half year to work not a good feeling when there are a lot of people never worked x

ADWorked and paid N.I. Contributions and tax from age 15 to 63. Raging

MRI’m angry because I’m wishing my final years away waiting to get my pension at 65 when I ought to be making the best of my autumn years

KGI’m STILL angry as my health has suffered due to the stress of having my money stolen. I’ll be angry forever as my husband and I paid all our contributions for our pensions. My husband died. Where did that money go? No widow’s pension. Why not? Where’s my money gone? How am I supposed to live? Who cares? I could be just another statistic and this shocking situation continues to destroy thousands while waiting.

JCYou hit the nail on the head there Trudy. I thought I would receive my pension and be able to go part time at least. But now I’m forced to do 6 more years full time work. I’m knackered! I work with women now reaching their 60s who are on their feet all day and struggling. They like me can’t afford to give up work because of their circumstances, and they can’t pack up and get a new job as no-one will take them on

GHI am so angry! I expected to live my later years without too much worry about my finances. I expected to be financially independent from my children, it is belittling to go to them and explain that I haven’t enough money to pay gas bill. And I dread any of my household appliances breaking down because I haven’t the money to get them repaired let alone replaced!!

KE – I feel angry because I got an extra 6 years added. I’ve had to sell my former family home and watch my ex husband do very nicely on a good state pension along with his occupational . My 2 daughters don’t ever ask how I’m coping. I have let out rooms in my new house just to get an income. But I will be 64 this year and still 2 years to go until my Spa. It’s very exposed to the elements and lonely where I live and heating allowance and bus pass is needed now not in 2 years time. I don’t have the stamina to do any more manual jobs on low pay. I want to be able to be generous to my grandchildren but they will be grown by the time I’m able to. I depend on my partner who I don’t live with to buy my food. In return I do his laundry, cooking, housekeeping. Not the best arrangement but it’s the half a loaf vs no bread scenario.

GHAnd I am angry that, in this day and age, in this the 5th richest country in the world, there is a NEED for a group like this!!!! We should all be happy, claiming our pensions, helping our children/grandchildren/parents, spending our time and money doing what we want, whether it is going on holidays or volunteering, because WE PAID IN!!!!

AEGI’m angry that I am in Ill health and I’m having to work another 6 years for my pension, I don’t think I’m going to be able to do these extra years x And yes I’ve paid in for 43 years and still have to pay in for another 7 years!

JPI am angry that I see my neighbour who is just 66 who has had 6 yrs of state pension with full Housing Benefit, council tax benefit, a free bus pass, winter fuel payments, free dentistry, etc. While I at 63, am struggling without any pension or benefits and am forced to keep working for 3 more years to survive without support or the chance to retire !! I signed-up for my pension at 60 when I started work at age 16. I am angry about the disgusting way these SP increases have been implemented so unfairly without any compensation, financial support or care for us 50’s born women!

CCI am angry because of the stress this has brought to my life,when my husband and I should be enjoying a quality retirement. I’m wishing my life away because we have difficulty paying the bills.



2 thoughts on “We’re Angry Because……..

  1. I am just so sorry to here from you all, but I just cannot understand why anyone would want to do it to someone they don’t know, and most definitely don’t carer, it won’t be to much longer before, I ask the lady on her boat, if she has a spare room or half a bed to share, as I cared for my wife Barbara for 16+ years and now when I need help, I just cannot get any, and as for the bloody PIP, they just say (it’s not my problem) I would just like to know how’s f_ _ _ ing problem it is then, because the PIP, are there to help people, but they just dont, were doe’s a man or woman go to for help in this country, To the Tory Party, I will have to think long and very hard about that, because I think the Tory Party are in power just to kill off anyone who need any money spending on them, it does not matter what anyone has done in the past, it just the past.
    I will just have to say I am with you all and we’re very Angry just because of the way in which we all have been treated.
    Thank you so much, Richard James Appley & Bob.my dog.


  2. I am angry because I have worked all my life, paying NI, thinking I had a contract with the Government which promised me a pension at age 60. I now have to wait until 66.I did not receive any notification of the change in ‘pension age’. I have never claimed any benefit and now, in the Autumn of life, I find the Government is treating us with disrespect, disregard and utter contempt.I had hoped to spend a little of my retirement time doing voluntary work for Cancer research but I will not have the energy to do this after another 6 years of work.I despair but hope the Government will realise the error of their ways in due course. By allowing ‘50s women’ to receive their pension at 60, more of these women will give up their jobs, freeing them up for the youngsters and more voluntary work will be undertaken by those who wish to do so.
    The Government’s arrogant stance may backfire on them if they don’t backdown.
    It will cost them a lot more if these ladies become ill and claim Disablity Benefits and need carers etc.
    We hear a lot about ‘human rights’.
    Have ‘50s women’ got any?


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