The Minefield of Serps and Opting Out

#WePaidInYouPayOut We’ve all heard about the no notification, the lack of information, the mal-administration surrounding the events of women’s pension age delay, we hear very little about…. The Minefield of Serps and Opting Out The confusion surrounding this issue is huge ……. This affected men and women when they were able to ‘opt out’ and […]

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Fliers for Picnic

Do You Know Your Pension Age? We thought we did! We began working at 15/16 and our pension age was 60, but when we approached 60 we found out we had to wait a further 6 years! And no-one bothered to tell us, no leaflet, no letter, no notification….. No notice, no transitions, a 6 […]

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We Deserve Our Pensions……

#WePaidInYouPayOut 50’s women are often referred to as babyboomers and greedy, here in this booklet you will read how women have worked hard throughout theirs lives and continue to fight inequality, yet their pension is being delayed by 6 years in the name of equality……. Herewith a collection of responses to the question We Deserve […]

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We Can’t All Be Liars….

#WePaidInYouPayOut   We are constantly hearing from government that they notified women who would be affected by the new state pension age increase of 5 years from 1995 and further change in 2011. We have asked the government for proof of how they say they notified us, letters and leaflets has been their reply, yet […]

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